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Going Green June 8, 2016

For those of you who know me, I haven't always been a big "juice" person, besides of course OJ (hence my partnership with Florida's Natural). But nowadays juicing is so popular - I can't seem to avoid it. Mind you, I'm not talking about juicing a.k.a. detoxing (that is a whole other conversation for another time), but veggie, or veggie and fruit, store bought varieties. So, this week I thought it would be helpful to find one product to share with you that I approve of and why. Plus, it’s wedding season - so I wrote a blog for US News on tips to help you feel and look great on your wedding day. And lastly, with protein all the rage, my interview with Self Magazine just might come in handy.

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License To Eat May 24, 2016

The warm weather is finally upon us (yes - I know I keep saying that), and with that means lots of fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies to enjoy (hint, hint)! If you’re at a loss for which seasonal produce to choose, I’ve got you covered this week. I’m sharing 10 healthy summer foods to enjoy more of this summer; why only focus on what we shouldn't be eating, right? Also, it seems low carb diets are still popping everywhere much to my chagrin, and once again I am trying to set the record straight. Lastly, I’m covering a food that I really wished I loved to eat!

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Not For Beginners! May 18, 2016

I have to admit - I love providing advice to others! Some listen (YAY!) and of course there are those that don't - guess it goes with the territory 🙂 Sometimes my advice is on easy ways to eat better, food shop smarter, get moving, or keep moving! (OK - maybe at times a little makeup, beauty products and clothing suggestions too!) This week, I'm dishing advice on my favorite yoga prop and then commenting on high protein dinners and common ingredients you find on packaged foods.

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The Truth About Sugar May 10, 2016

The word "sugar" has become synonymous with “not good for you”; however added sugars vs. natural sugars are two very different things! This week, I’m breaking down the types of sugar to have MORE of (yes, that’s right, I said more), and the types to limit. And, when it comes to teaching our kids about nutrition, read on for the lessons that we nutritionists share with kids about food. Plus, I’m covering what you really need to know about lactose intolerance.

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What You’re Craving May 3, 2016

Does food ever talk to you? As if the chips or chocolate bar are calling out your name? (Well not actually - but it feels like it, right?) Staying strong in the face of a powerful food craving can feel near impossible, so good thing I was interviewed on just this topic last week. Also, I was asked about what I do at the grocery store. You know - my food shopping tips, not the speed of which I push my cart (yes - sometimes quite fast) or how organized I am when I help the cashier pack (last week a cashier said "You must really get a lot of chores done in your house!"). And lastly for this week, a product pick that so many of my patients are always asking about.

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Extra Sunlight Fun April 27, 2016

With Spring in the air you’re probably making more social plans to enjoy the longer hours of sunlight. I’m all for that, as long as you don't forget about also trying to keep it healthy. SO, this week I’m covering lots of fun AND healthy ways to make the most of those extra daylight hours. Plus, I’m breaking down the latest research in defense of the all-too-often demonized food group, yep - you guessed it - carbs. And lastly, a new water bottle that somehow feels glamorous, YAY!

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Just The Facts, Jack! April 21, 2016

As you know, I’m a fan of exposing the truth about all things nutrition. This week, get an eye opening look about a favorite snack staple: peanuts, plus, with so many protein powders to choose from, is the newest one worth all the hype? And, lastly what’s the deal with Ghee for weight loss? Could it possibly be that another celebrity is a little crazy on the diet front?

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The Crazy Things People Say April 13, 2016

It's can be a crazy world out there, especially with lots of different opinions on nutrition, and no thanks to the internet, it's easy to access. Talking nutrition sometimes can get as heated as talking politics. Honestly, I try my best to offer my opinion only when asked (OK, maybe more than that) and stay clear of confrontation (Hmmm? OK, who am I kidding?). In any event - this week I had so much fun writing my blog for US News on things people say on nutrition that drive me crazy.

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Finding Inner Peace In Your Bottled Water? April 5, 2016

From a trendy water promising to bring you inner peace and prosperity, to swearing off an entire food group to lose weight; it seems you really need a nutrition interpreter to break down the truth behind the latest headlines! Plus if you are dreaming of warm weather – since, hey, right now it seems its all we can do - I have a "treat" for you.

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What’s The Deal With Matcha? March 30, 2016

So much hype, so little time! What’s the deal with Matcha? What about Kefir milk? Read on and I can almost guarantee this week you’ll learn something new! Plus, in honor of those who celebrated Easter Sunday (and even those that didn't!) – I’m covering some of the most creative, delicious ways to enjoy eggs!!

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