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Why Buying Rx Online Is Better than Shopping at Local Drugstores? Be that as it may, buying drugs online in is a lot more cost-efficient apart from being more convenient and easy. Among others, it is worth admitting that local pharmacies do not provide such a function as free shipping. It may have such a feature only if the travel distance is not too long, so that you’ll be restricted by certain boundaries when shopping at local pharmacies. Besides, local drugstores do not run round-the-clock, which is inconvenient for those users who wish to order drugs at any time they wish without any restrictions.
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Finding Inner Peace In Your Bottled Water? April 5, 2016

From a trendy water promising to bring you inner peace and prosperity, to swearing off an entire food group to lose weight; it seems you really need a nutrition interpreter to break down the truth behind the latest headlines! Plus if you are dreaming of warm weather – since, hey, right now it seems its all we can do - I have a "treat" for you.

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What’s The Deal With Matcha? March 30, 2016

So much hype, so little time! What’s the deal with Matcha? What about Kefir milk? Read on and I can almost guarantee this week you’ll learn something new! Plus, in honor of those who celebrated Easter Sunday (and even those that didn't!) – I’m covering some of the most creative, delicious ways to enjoy eggs!!

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Nutritionist’s Diets Exposed March 22, 2016

With the lull in primaries this week and the decrease in the media's attention; hopefully, you will have NO excuse for not reading my newsletter in its entirety! Ha 🙂 So - the weather is warming up (or maybe not), but in any event, you may not have soup top of mind, but trust me they can fit year-round. Plus, don't miss my interview breaking down everyone's favorite hot topic - artificial sweeteners; and what I and my fellow nutritionists really eat – confessions will be revealed!

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