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Should You Detox From Coffee? February 4, 2020 Should You Detox From Coffee?

You are not seeing double! What you are seeing is "his and her" pasta. Hubby likes chicken, I don't. I love white beans, hubby doesn't. You see, as like most couples, we don't always agree. BUT I have learned over the years to not make life difficult for me, the chef in the family, and figure out a way to make us both happy. Often that means coming up with a dish that can be modified according to our personal tastes.

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Starbucks Does It Again? January 21, 2020 Starbucks Does It Again?

Get ready for a yoga P.S.A. I will never understand why non-flexible people complain they can't do yoga.(Mind you, they haven't even tried!) Shouldn't they do yoga to become more flexible? DOing helps us to improve, NOT doing doesn't. Anyway, think of it this way - maybe yoga isn't your thing, but whatever your thing is - hopefully it is making you more flexible, stronger, and healthier. And for that, you should be proud!

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What’s The Real Scoop On PLANT-BASED Diets? January 14, 2020 What's The Real Scoop On PLANT-BASED Diets?

Hello 2020! We are now merrily into the second week and people's resolutions are already falling by the waist side. Sigh! Could it be that most don't set realistic goals? Probably. Could it be that many follow the latest fad and realize quickly that they can't sustain it for a lifetime? Again, probably! And I am not only talking about diets my friends. There are also those people who set new workout goals way too ambitiously for someone who's been sitting on their couch all year long.

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AND What A Year It’s Been! December 31, 2019 AND What A Year It's Been!

And just like that another year has flown by. And what's even crazier ----- another decade! I'd like to take this time to thank you all for subscribing to The Keri Report - but most of all, taking the time to read it! It's been a wild year in the health and nutrition world and it isn't easy keeping up with it all. But I try my best knowing that I will share what I learn with you.

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Does Drinking Coffee Prevent Dementia? December 17, 2019 Does Drinking Coffee Prevent Dementia?

As this decade comes closer to an end I think it is a great time to set intentions for the next one. Now trust me, I am not a fan of resolutions so that is not what I am suggesting. But rather take a walk down memory lane (try and make it quick, no point in belaboring!) and think about the last ten years. Now think about what you hope for yourself in the years ahead. And after that is said and done, take a long deep breathe and simply try to be present.

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The Real Deal on Intermittent Fasting December 3, 2019 The Real Deal on Intermittent Fasting

One holiday down, two more to go (unless you celebrate Hanukkah that is!). I feel it is my civic duty to remind you that you do not have to gain any weight during this time of year! OR if you do - like a pound or two - NO big deal! I also think it bears repeating that if you plan on making healthy changes starting the New Year - you might consider starting TODAY! I'm sure you are familiar with the sayings, "there is no time like the present" OR "why put off till tomorrow what you can do today", yada yada.

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What Is The Potato Hack Diet? November 19, 2019 What Is The Potato Hack Diet?

Did you ever want to love a food or drink but do not? That's how I feel about tea. I SO want to be a tea lover, since I love hot beverages, but for some reason have never developed a taste for it. I especially have been wishing it was so since I've been suffering from a cold longer than I thought possible. For some reason; I envision myself with a cup of tea with honey in my hand and then miraculously my cold gets better. You know, now that I wrote this - I am going to give this tea thing another try! Or perhaps I am just giving it more credit than it deserves?

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Processed Foods Are OK, Say What?!! November 6, 2019 Processed Foods Are OK, Say What?!!

It is officially November and I now have already complained about the cold weather! Last year I promised myself (and my doormen) that I would accept the cold temps like a champ and stop complaining about something I couldn't change! Well, we see how well that plan stuck with me! But alas, I am not ready to give up on myself and will try again this year to focus only on the positive! As they say" "Failure is part of success!" #fingerscrossed

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Is Cheese Safe To Eat? October 22, 2019 Is Cheese Safe To Eat?

Funny how it is only October and yet this past week I have given a lot of interviews on the topic "New Year, New You!" These stories are all scheduled for January issues (yes, there is a long lead-time). What gets me is these stories are the same every year - basically teaching individuals on how to eat better, move and sleep more, and stress less. You would think by now as a society we would know how to do this, right? But NO, we wait till the end of they year only to say next year we will do better!

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Agave Isn’t As Healthy As You Think! October 8, 2019 Agave Isn't As Healthy As You Think!

This past Friday I took the day off from work to take my grandchildren to a farm for a hay ride and pumpkin picking! It was actually my 19-month old grandson's class trip. What these types of days help me to remember is that it OK to take time off. Being self-employed and working from home makes it quite hard for me to disconnect from work. It's like it's always right in front of my face and hard to look away. But I need to, we all need to, remind ourselves that 30 years from now we are not going to remember that blog post we did or email we sent, but we WILL remember the look of happiness on our grandchildren's (kids, spouses, friends, etc.) faces!

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