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Can You Eat Expired Yogurt? May 5, 2020Can You Eat Expired Yogurt?

Saw this old picture recently and it brought me back to a time when I was riding the subway, getting my hair done (and make-up!), grabbing drinks and dining out with friends, etc. - the NYC I know and love! I'd be lying to you if I felt that my old life will be back shortly, because honestly I don't. AND who knows what that life will even look like when we emerge?

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Can You Eat Expired Eggs? April 21, 2020Can You Eat Expired Eggs?

Thought I would share a quote this week that one of my yoga teachers shared that resonated with me: "We are billions of caterpillars forced into our cocoons, being called on to change from the inside out, to metamorphose, to rest, and reflect and sprout our wings."  ~Unknown

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Is The Dirty Dozen Legit? March 31, 2020Is The Dirty Dozen Legit?

Well I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I last wrote to you all and what a crazy 2 weeks it's been. I have been trying to settle into a "new normal" but some days are definitely easier than others. My main problem is focus - too often I just rather have coffee hangouts or cocktail hour with my friends and family - ALL virtual of course! The truth is we will all experience this a little differently, yet there will also be that common thread.

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4 Ways To Deal With Social Distancing March 17, 20204 Ways To Deal With Social Distancing

At first I thought I wasn't going to send out a Keri Report this week. With all the craziness in the world right now it was hard for me to wrap my head around sharing my usual content with you. You know what I mean? We want news on COVID-19 not "How Many Calories are in....". BUT then I thought, maybe Keri Report stuff is just what we need OR maybe what I need to share.

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What Is The Shamrock Shake? March 3, 2020What Is The Shamrock Shake?

Just got back from a trip to Florida visiting my mom and sister. Whenever I travel it reminds me of the many concerns of my patients over the years of private practice, mainly the fear of gaining weight. I would remind them enjoying themselves should be their top priority while traveling, especially if for vacation. However, it did't need to be an excuse for eating poorly.

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What Is Allulose AND Is It Safe? February 18, 2020What Is Allulose AND Is It Safe?

Even though Valentine's Day has officially passed I thought I would give my two-cents on the holiday! If being honest, I am not a fan of most holidays; especially those that I think were created for Hallmark, and more importantly those that make others feel badly about themselves. Hence V-Day! SO what I recently decided is that it shouldn't be about whether or not you have a partner in life to buy you a present or take you for a fancy dinner on this day, but more about the love YOU spread in this world to others and MOST importantly to yourself.

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Should You Detox From Coffee? February 4, 2020Should You Detox From Coffee?

You are not seeing double! What you are seeing is "his and her" pasta. Hubby likes chicken, I don't. I love white beans, hubby doesn't. You see, as like most couples, we don't always agree. BUT I have learned over the years to not make life difficult for me, the chef in the family, and figure out a way to make us both happy. Often that means coming up with a dish that can be modified according to our personal tastes.

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Starbucks Does It Again? January 21, 2020Starbucks Does It Again?

Get ready for a yoga P.S.A. I will never understand why non-flexible people complain they can't do yoga.(Mind you, they haven't even tried!) Shouldn't they do yoga to become more flexible? DOing helps us to improve, NOT doing doesn't. Anyway, think of it this way - maybe yoga isn't your thing, but whatever your thing is - hopefully it is making you more flexible, stronger, and healthier. And for that, you should be proud!

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What’s The Real Scoop On PLANT-BASED Diets? January 14, 2020What's The Real Scoop On PLANT-BASED Diets?

Hello 2020! We are now merrily into the second week and people's resolutions are already falling by the waist side. Sigh! Could it be that most don't set realistic goals? Probably. Could it be that many follow the latest fad and realize quickly that they can't sustain it for a lifetime? Again, probably! And I am not only talking about diets my friends. There are also those people who set new workout goals way too ambitiously for someone who's been sitting on their couch all year long.

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AND What A Year It’s Been! December 31, 2019AND What A Year It's Been!

And just like that another year has flown by. And what's even crazier ----- another decade! I'd like to take this time to thank you all for subscribing to The Keri Report - but most of all, taking the time to read it! It's been a wild year in the health and nutrition world and it isn't easy keeping up with it all. But I try my best knowing that I will share what I learn with you.

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