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Daylight Savings Edition March 18, 2019 Daylight Savings Edition

Happy Daylight Savings!!! This morning while browsing through Instagram I read this quote: "I need a coffee so I can go and get my coffee." I laughed out loud! Who can relate? Losing an hour of sleep on Sunday definitely had an effect on me. And I don't remember it happening before??!!

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Why You Gain Weight Back! February 28, 2019 Why You Gain Weight Back!

Every once in a while I feel the need to make the following statement and yes, it's for the record! Here goes: "Just because I am a nutritionist - I do not care if you eat red meat, fried foods or drink alcohol. As matter of fact I like to partake in all three as well!" The end. Thank you!

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How Important Is Breakfast, REALLY? February 12, 2019 How Important Is Breakfast, REALLY?

SO, having coffee with a friend today and she said to me: "I know you aren't going to like this; BUT, I really think I can't eat gluten!" Well, to be honest when I typically hear this comment out of nowhere my hair does stand on end! However, this time it really didn't! You see, it wasn't out of no where; this particular friend has made this comment to me more than once before. Yes, I admit the first time I was like "REALLY????".

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Should YOU Be Drinking Celery Juice? January 31, 2019 Should YOU Be Drinking Celery Juice?

Confession time: I don't drink enough water! I know I should - yet I still don't! Funny how that is, right? We know we should do something good for ourselves and yet, we still don't! I do think though that the first step for improvement is admitting there is a problem to begin with. So here goes: "I have a problem drinking enough water!" Phew!

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Another Celebrity Diet You Don’t Want To Follow! January 24, 2019 Another Celebrity Diet You Don't Want To Follow!

Week two of the New Year! How are the resolutions going? (Gasp!) I feel it is important to remind you that no matter what happens with your health goals, you can ALWAYS start over! OR you can always switch gears. For example, you swore you were going to start bringing your own healthy lunch to work, and then after a couple of days realized that is NEVER going to happen!

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Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019! January 3, 2019 Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

With a blink of an eye - there goes another year! Goodbye 2018, hello 2019! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all you for subscribing to The Keri Report. It means a lot to me to be able to share sound science with you when the world of nutrition can be so darn confusing. It seems everybody is an expert these days and I am grateful for your readership. May this new year bring you lots of health and happiness, and please try this year to not give up on your goals way before you have given them a fair chance.

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Staying Healthy During The Holidays, AND Beyond! December 18, 2018 Staying Healthy During The Holidays, AND Beyond!

I know I have spoken before about going on vacation and still eating healthy and exercising. The truth is though that many of us forget that when we travel. Sure it can be tempting to eat more and totally get lax from your regular routine, BUT the reality is if you totally overdo it you can return from vacation needing a vacation. Personally, I just got back from an amazing trip with my sister to visit my niece who lives in Hawaii. We ate all our meals out. I enjoyed a margarita at lunch and a martini at dinner, but I also kayaked, hiked, practiced yoga and I ate a whole lot of avocado.

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What’s The Deal With Low-Cal Ice Cream? November 27, 2018 What's The Deal With Low-Cal Ice Cream?

As we approach the end of year I always like to start early talking about "resolutions". Fan? Not a fan? Me - NOT a fan! I feel if we want to commit to change we can make that commitment in any month, on any day, at any time! We also can fall "off the wagon" and jump right back on at any month, any day, at any time! What really is most important at the end of day is that we are moving forward towards our goal.

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Holiday Season – Already??!! November 15, 2018 Holiday Season - Already??!!

Do you ever feel that time is moving way too quickly? I remember when I was little and my father used to tell me that the older you get the faster time goes. Of course back then, I thought he was making it up! If I could only say to him today - "You were so right!" In this week's Keri Report I personally apologize for rushing you ahead. We just finished Halloween and I am already sharing stories of the holiday season and 2019! Trust me, I really wish time could just stand still!

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How To Know If You Are Really Hungry! October 30, 2018 How To Know If You Are Really Hungry!

Growing up we always had a protein, a carb, and a veggie (yes, a veggie is technically a carb too) on our plate for dinner and to this day I still aim for it. Anyway, now that I am cooking for my granddaughter I find I am already trying to instill that behavior in her. Mind you, with a toddler, I might not always get the result I am hoping for. The other night Miss F wanted pasta (of course, who doesn't?), I wanted steak and hubby didn't care!

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