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Dear Keto Diet, Please Disappear! August 14, 2018

As I write this I am feeling the days of summer slowly coming to a close! How is it already the middle of August? Unfortunately, it is reminding me of all the things I said I was going to accomplish this summer and haven't: handstands without a wall, peacock pose (trust me, it's a hard one!), a relaxing day at the beach (I know - crazy that this hasn't happened yet and I'm so close to the water.)

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WTF Is The Difference Between Keto and Paleo? August 2, 2018

This past weekend my brother-n-law, Paul, and his wife Mindy, were visiting and I made a barbecue for them along with some of my husband's cousins. Before entertaining I always ask the following of my guests: "Any food allergies, intolerance, or strong dislikes that I should know about?" (Yes, I do consider myself a good host!) Anyway, the answer was NO from everyone. It was when I decided on the menu, skirt steak and salmon, that Paul and Mindy informed me that they don't like salmon, BUT would be fine with just the steak.

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The Shocking Foods I Eat! July 17, 2018

I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes I really have NO idea what to cook for dinner! It's like, "just ate that" or "totally not in the mood". Who can relate? Anyway, the other day in my quandary, I realized I hadn't eaten scallops in like forever, so that solved the problem. Googled how to grill scallops (olive oil, salt & pepper, 3 minutes/side), looked in the fridge for a grain to cook (hello black rice) and picked up a tex-mex salad at the store simply because it called my name. Now, if I could only decide what to eat tonight? Hmmm, maybe I'll just go out!

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Say Goodbye To Summer Bloating! July 3, 2018

As long as I can remember, I have started my dinner meal with a salad. (Thanks Mom & Dad!) Whether I am dining in or dining out - it doesn't seem to matter. It's also one of the first healthy eating tips I provide to my patients and the media. The reason for this is two-fold: 1. The fiber from the salad helps to fill you up, so you may be less likely to overeat your main meal; and 2. ALL the nutrients that a salad provides is priceless.

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Can Probiotics Help You Lose Weight? June 19, 2018

"I can see for miles and miles".......some of you might not know these lyrics from The Who; but, for some reason this song just pops into my head when I see all these berries! Anyway, I LOVE berries, actually any kind of berry, I don't discriminate. And every year when they first arrive at the farmers market I get really excited. For me, this marks the beginning of summer and for all the other yummy summer foods that lie ahead! #TheLittleThings

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Did You Say Cockroach Milk? June 5, 2018

In case you forgot, portion size matters! And not just in unhealthy foods, but believe it or not also in some of the healthiest of foods. Take salmon for example; it's packed with good-for-you nutrients, but calories WILL add up if your portion is too large. Pictured above is a piece of salmon that weighed 6 ounces UN-cooked; and that is even a little bit more than the recommended standard of 4 ounces.

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Bad Eating Habits Even Nutritionists Have! May 22, 2018

I feel the need to quickly clear something up. This is for all the naysayers out there who think that canned foods are "bad" for you. That couldn't be further from the truth. Just like anything you buy that is in any type of packaging you need to read the nutrition facts panel and ingredient list and see what it provides. If it hadn't been for me keeping canned foods in the house I would of never been able to create the delicious and nutritious pasta meal featured above in less than 15 minutes flat.

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Do You Need A Multivitamin? May 18, 2018

This past week in NYC the temps sky rocketed. Now I for one, am NOT complaining; love the heat!!! But living in a not so large NYC apartment with a not so large kitchen - makes you not want to turn the oven on when it hits anything over 80 degrees. So the other night I decided to go for take-out! Gasp! What many people don't realize is that takeout food doesn't have to be synonymous with disaster. You can actually choose healthy foods and that is exactly what I did: shrimp cocktail, black bean salad, barley salad, and a little mozzarella with tomatoes.

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Spring Is In The Air May 4, 2018

Yep, it's that time of year again. My annual street photo of NYC in bloom. Ohhhhh SPRING, how I have missed you!!! And just like clockwork, all my clients start revving up their fitness and healthy eating to get ready for Memorial Day Weekend. The more things change, the more things stay the same! Sound familiar? Anyway, I won't bore you with my usual rant of why wasn't everyone focused ALL year round on their personal health goals, and why just get focused today, blah, blah, blah; BUT instead I am just going to be thankful that a light bulb went off in their head and they want to be on track NOW.

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9 Unusual Ways to Eat Hummus April 24, 2018

My husband was recently in the hospital for spinal surgery and whenever this happens (unfortunately he has had previous surgeries) I am reminded of the importance of self-care. While trying to be the best possible "nurse", I can easily wind up forgoing exercise and letting my refrigerator wind up empty. And that my friends, is a mistake! You can only be a helpful caregiver if you first take care of yourself. It's like being on an airplane, when you should put your oxygen mask on before your child.

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