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Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019! January 3, 2019Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

With a blink of an eye - there goes another year! Goodbye 2018, hello 2019! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all you for subscribing to The Keri Report. It means a lot to me to be able to share sound science with you when the world of nutrition can be so darn confusing. It seems everybody is an expert these days and I am grateful for your readership. May this new year bring you lots of health and happiness, and please try this year to not give up on your goals way before you have given them a fair chance.

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Staying Healthy During The Holidays, AND Beyond! December 18, 2018Staying Healthy During The Holidays, AND Beyond!

I know I have spoken before about going on vacation and still eating healthy and exercising. The truth is though that many of us forget that when we travel. Sure it can be tempting to eat more and totally get lax from your regular routine, BUT the reality is if you totally overdo it you can return from vacation needing a vacation. Personally, I just got back from an amazing trip with my sister to visit my niece who lives in Hawaii. We ate all our meals out. I enjoyed a margarita at lunch and a martini at dinner, but I also kayaked, hiked, practiced yoga and I ate a whole lot of avocado.

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What’s The Deal With Low-Cal Ice Cream? November 27, 2018What's The Deal With Low-Cal Ice Cream?

As we approach the end of year I always like to start early talking about "resolutions". Fan? Not a fan? Me - NOT a fan! I feel if we want to commit to change we can make that commitment in any month, on any day, at any time! We also can fall "off the wagon" and jump right back on at any month, any day, at any time! What really is most important at the end of day is that we are moving forward towards our goal.

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Holiday Season – Already??!! November 15, 2018Holiday Season - Already??!!

Do you ever feel that time is moving way too quickly? I remember when I was little and my father used to tell me that the older you get the faster time goes. Of course back then, I thought he was making it up! If I could only say to him today - "You were so right!" In this week's Keri Report I personally apologize for rushing you ahead. We just finished Halloween and I am already sharing stories of the holiday season and 2019! Trust me, I really wish time could just stand still!

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How To Know If You Are Really Hungry! October 30, 2018How To Know If You Are Really Hungry!

Growing up we always had a protein, a carb, and a veggie (yes, a veggie is technically a carb too) on our plate for dinner and to this day I still aim for it. Anyway, now that I am cooking for my granddaughter I find I am already trying to instill that behavior in her. Mind you, with a toddler, I might not always get the result I am hoping for. The other night Miss F wanted pasta (of course, who doesn't?), I wanted steak and hubby didn't care!

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Is There Such a Thing as TOO Much Avocado? October 16, 2018Is There Such a Thing as TOO Much Avocado?

I have a secret to share! I don't love to spend time in the kitchen, but I do love to eat healthy. Quite the conundrum, no? SO, given this I really try and create dishes that require little prep, not a lot of pots (hate cleanup), and can be ready to eat in less than 30 minutes. For my above creation I started by sauteing garlic in algae oil and grape tomatoes sliced in half.

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OK, I Don’t Like Pumpkin…But Hello Fall! October 2, 2018OK, I Don't Like Pumpkin...But Hello Fall!

Well folks, it is officially the fall season and everywhere I look there’s a pumpkin something - pumpkin pie, pumpkin latte, pumpkin soup, etc. And guess what? I don’t like pumpkin, at all! Yes, I know how good for me it is; it’s packed with vitamin A and low in calories. But my taste buds are my taste buds. Personally, this time of the year, this gal is all about the apples.

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The Defense of The Scooped Bagel September 18, 2018The Defense of The Scooped Bagel

Does anyone ever feel the need to defend their food choices? Well, we shouldn't have to!! Recently I had this discussion with someone who said that "scooping" a bagel is disordered eating! I should of just said, "I disagree" and left it at that. But instead, I felt the need to defend my choice. Hey - for me, scooping a bagel means more room for my protein choice (in this case tuna), less mess eating (I also like to eat it open-faced) and again MORE room for veggie toppings.

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Is Coconut Oil Poison? September 4, 2018Is Coconut Oil Poison?

For those of us who live in the east coast once Labor Day hits we feel like the summer is over. I KNOW, it doesn't officially end until Sept 21st; but for us that doesn't matter. Here' a picture of my feet and legs (bruised and all) digging into the sand. In the last "Keri Report" I had written that I hadn't made it ONCE to the beach. So guess what? I went and changed that. And now that the summer is over, I could only wish I had gone more!

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Dear Keto Diet, Please Disappear! August 14, 2018Dear Keto Diet, Please Disappear!

As I write this I am feeling the days of summer slowly coming to a close! How is it already the middle of August? Unfortunately, it is reminding me of all the things I said I was going to accomplish this summer and haven't: handstands without a wall, peacock pose (trust me, it's a hard one!), a relaxing day at the beach (I know - crazy that this hasn't happened yet and I'm so close to the water.)

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