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When It’s Time To Procrastinate October 31, 2017 When It's Time To Procrastinate

I have spoken about procrastination before. For me, it's the one more look at Instagram, or a call to my mom or sister, before I sit down to write. Yes - been procrastinating for hours before writing this blog! I also realized lately that it is in keeping my home in tip-top shape. In other words, how did that leak under the sink get to my basement without my knowing? Did I just forget to call the plumber? Maybe! Which made me think about our bodies. (OK, so now you may know where I am going with this!)

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When Harry Met Sally October 17, 2017 When Harry Met Sally

When I first starting dating my husband he was embarrassed when I ordered in a restaurant. He thought I asked too many questions and made too many special requests. Fast forward a zillion years later (obviously he married me anyway) and we both have softened. I have become more chill with my ordering and he now orders all his dressings on the side!

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Stop Making Excuses! October 13, 2017 Stop Making Excuses!

One of my favorite quotes I share on social media is: "If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not you will find an excuse." I think we are all guilty of this on some level. Personally I know I put off doing things sometimes and claim it is because of lack of time. But, then I will find myself wasting a ton of time looking at photos on Instagram or speaking on the phone with my mom or sister for way to long.

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Diets Don’t Work! September 26, 2017 Diets Don't Work!

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. So much craziness in the world. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I try not to let it get to me me. Instead I try to focus on everything that I have to be grateful for and live with an open heart. I suggest you try the same. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

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Should I Buy Tumeric? September 12, 2017 Should I Buy Tumeric?

I have been trying lately to focus on forearm stand without using a block. I have found it has become a crutch for me. Without it I fall over quite a bit. BUT on the other hand when using a block I am also certain to get up and balance. Is that choosing the easy way out? Should I be pushing myself more? Or accept where I am? When I posed this question on Instagram I got this lovely reply from a follower, "If the block helps u focus and stay in alignment it's not a crutch it is a wing for flying."

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Breaking The Rules! August 29, 2017 Breaking The Rules!

What do you do when you have nine adults together for lunch with a variety of food like/dislikes and intolerances? Run? No! Take a deep breath? Yes! So, last week my family came to visit and I for one can admit that mealtimes can be challenging. Some are lactose intolerant, some don't eat bagels (I know, how can we be related?), others no mayo, etc. But at the end of the day we make it work and everyone leaves the table happy.

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Stay Cool! August 15, 2017 Stay Cool!

When you go to someone's house for dinner do you have a "special" dish that you bring with you? For me, in the summer, it is hands down fruit salad. Typically I suggest that I bring one and typically my hosts are overjoyed at my suggestion. My fruit salad varies a little but usually consists of: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, watermelon, oranges and grapefruit. The other night however is was met with fierce competition for dessert.

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Is It August Already? August 8, 2017 Is It August Already?

I cannot believe how fast the summer seems to be flying by. I always remember my dad saying: "The older you get, the quicker time seems to go". Oyyy, am I getting "older"? Anyway - that's why the whole notion of living in the present is SO important. Putting something off till tomorrow can be like a blink of an eye. It happens so quickly you don't even know it's happening. So if this was the summer you were going to eat more fresh fruits and veggies - go for it! Bike ride more and try surfing? Go for it!

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You Are NOT a Tree! August 1, 2017 You Are NOT a Tree!

Last week on social media I shared this quote: "If you don't like where you are than change it. You are not a tree." I LOVE this and so did many others! Truth is, most times it is far easier to complain about something than it is to put the work into changing it. Whether it's in our relationships, work, or health, I think we are all guilty of this on some level. So please remember - you are NOT a tree - you can up root yourself and move forward without a tornado to get your started!

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Kitchen Gadget Must-haves! July 25, 2017 Kitchen Gadget Must-haves!

I can definitely be a creature of habit. Does anyone else have one dish that they order from a restaurant EVERY time they go there? Doesn't matter what the specials are, doesn't matter if I ate it last The Beacon, in Sag Harbor, NY, I always order the halibut and cous cous in parchment paper. And of course a salad (and martini) to start! Well OK, maybe I did have a burger once! There is nothing wrong with being consistent.

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