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Summer Grillin’ Had Me a Blast! July 18, 2017 Summer Grillin' Had Me a Blast!

So often a patient will say to me: "Oh, I don't know how to cook that!" And my reply: "Guess what, until I made it the first time neither did I!" Years ago I ONLY ordered steamers in a restaurant. And I LOVE steamers. So, one day I decided I could do this. Went to the seafood market, asked how to cook them, bought them and home I went. I then followed the directions and crossed my fingers. Success!

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Keeping Your Brain Sharp! July 11, 2017 Keeping Your Brain Sharp!

Last week I lost my best friend/4-legged son - Henry. A dog's love (or cat) as you know is unconditional; no matter what you say or do, they still love you. It's a special kind of love that I was fortunate enough to experience. Henry was always there to greet me at the door and smother me with kisses, even if only gone for 5 minutes. He thought I was the prettiest mom, best cook, and a fabulous singer. (Of course he did!!)

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Be A Warrior! June 28, 2017 Be A Warrior!

BE a warrior! Posted this photo over a week ago on Instagram and received such a positive response. Why? I think the sentiment "be a warrior" hits home for many. If there's anything we all probably have in common is that at some point in our lives we had to/or will have to "fight " for something. Whether it be in a job, a relationship, our health, actually in the playground many years ago, etc.... Everyone's warrior may be different; however at the end of the day we are all capable of being true to ourselves and fighting for what we believe in. (OK, I'm sure being a beach shot didn't hurt either!)

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Know The Facts June 22, 2017 Know The Facts

Do you know what tomorrow is????? Probably my most favorite time of year. It’s the first day of summer! I am very grateful that I get to spend a lot of time in the Hamptons during the summer months. Yoga in the vineyards, kayaking in the bay and the many local farmer’s markets are just a few of the wonderful things I get to enjoy. Corn on the cob, steamers, burgers on the grill and sunsets, with a martini in hand of course, never gets old. So cheers to summer, let’s make this the best one yet!

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More Diet Craziness! June 6, 2017 More Diet Craziness!

I have a confession to make - I don't eat enough whole fruit! GASP! And I'm not talking about 3 servings/day - I am talking about NO fruit. DOUBLE GASP!  You see, I am a spring/summer fruit lover; cherries, peaches, plums, apricots, berries - can't get enough of them!  And it's not that I don't like apples and citrus (actually love oranges and grapefruits), I just seem to skimp on them during the winter months. And yes, I know I can eat berries in the winter, I tell my patients that all the time, but they just don't taste as good! 

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And So It Begins! May 22, 2017 And So It Begins!

This weekend will be the first 3 day weekend of the summer season! YAY! And with that, for many, comes the beginning of the BBQ season.....another YAY! But (and sorry there is a but) also comes the start of overeating and drinking that happens between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Believe it or not, I have seen more pounds gained during "bikini season" than during the winter holidays. So, a little words of wisdom: 1. This will not be the ONLY BBQ you go to all season, so leave some food behind.

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A Surprising Mimosa May 16, 2017 A Surprising Mimosa

A new study came out recently that asked the question "Walking vs. Running? Which Is Better?" The results revealed that one is not better than the other, however, you just have to briskly walk longer than run to reap the health benefits. I first came across this on Twitter. (Yep - one of my go-to's for current news!) My immediate response and tweet was: "The one you will actually do!".  Think about it, what really matters at the end of the day is that you find something that you enjoy and do it on a regular basis. Running? Walking? Cycling? Yoga? You name it.....just do it!

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ALL Veggies Matter! May 8, 2017 ALL Veggies Matter!

The other day a new patient of mine confessed that they did not like veggies. OMG I thought, how can that be? But alas, that wasn't the first time I heard this. And it also won't be the last time I said, "Really? No veggies at all?". And than the conversation starts to turn. This patient then admitted that they like carrots, canned peas and corn, and iceberg lettuce. Wait a minute, those are veggies!!! You see, just because you might not like kale, spinach or Brussels sprouts (even though that is just crazy), there might actually be some veggies you do like. I for one, never judge and encourage all my patients to eat ANY veggie they enjoy.

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Making Kick A** Pasta Salads May 1, 2017 Making Kick A** Pasta Salads

Last week I taught a yoga class and at the beginning I read a quote to the students I recently discovered by Theodore Roosevelt. "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." To me, this quote can be applied to so many things in our lives. If you just started yoga can you be satisfied with being a beginner and not having the most open hamstrings? On a weight loss journey? Can you appreciate what you have lost so far versus how much further you need to go? Or even better, let go of being that size you think you should be? Eating healthy and being active is what really matters most.

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Praising Carbs April 26, 2017 Praising Carbs

"The more things change, the more they stay the same!" Not sure where I first heard this quote, or if it actually just came from me. Ha!!! In any event, this past week had me thinking of it. Just when you think we are starting to move on in the diet culture, eating more mindfully, etc., I get interviewed more than once this week for articles about avoiding carbs! GASP! Obviously, there are many people out there who haven't gotten the memo. Carbs are not your enemy; it's all about what you choose and how much you eat. I can only hope that eventually the no-carb mentality will begin to change for good!

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