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The Keri Report Podcast

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Nutritionist, yoga teacher, and author of The Small Change Diet Keri Gans delivers her no-nonsense, straightforward and sometimes controversial approach to what’s current in the health and nutrition world. Her fun and engaging personality will leave you with a wealth of information on need-to-know hot topics for your overall well-being.

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Welcome to the first ever release of the Keri Report podcast. In this brief episode 00, I dive into who I am, what my core values are as a registered dietitian nutritionist, and why I decided to create this podcast to begin with. I’ll give you a glimpse into the many fun topics to look forward to, such as crazy fad diets, nutrition facts versus myths, and healthy eating tips that are actually doable.

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Episode #16

If this is the first time you’ve heard about Irish Moss, it’s yet another food to get popular because of its “superfood” health claims. But what is it actually, and can the claims even be substantiated?

In this episode, I lay out the science behind this unique ingredient, and the studies (or lack thereof) that you should know about.

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Episode #15

It seems like we get a new zero-calorie sweetner hitting our grocery isles every month, and this week I’m breaking down Monk Fruit.

Okay, maybe no one in the Western world really actually eats Monk Fruit, so what is this sugar-like powder that we get from it? Is it safe? What are the health claims, and how do you use it?

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Episode #14

Many of you have likely heard about the F Factor Diet, even if only recently due to the headlines surrounding it. I wanted to take this episode as an opportunity to weigh in on this diet that’s been around for 20 years.

I will talk about the importance of fiber for our health and how best to consume it, whether or not it is okay to want to lose weight, and the role food intolerances may play in our choice of products.

Lastly, I will touch on how I am disheartened by the way social media is sometimes used as a battleground.

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Episode #13

Coconut oil has surfaced over the last couple of years, with claims that it can heal and prevent all sorts of things, from Alzheimers to cancer. These are big claims that in a society obsessed with “natural medicine”, many of us can only hope to be true.

In this episode I discuss numerous studies that tackle these claims to see if they really have any credibility.

So, is coconut oil a healthy oil alternative, or is there more to it – because believing claims versus reality can sometimes be a VERY slippery slope!

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Episode #12

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is the key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle, after all our bodies are 60% water!

But today, I’m tackling the topic of “enhanced” waters, specifically Alkaline Water and Ginger Water, to find out if they’re really anything to write home about. Certain waters and “elixirs’ claim to provide amazing benefits, like more energy and preventing bone loss, so I’m here to find out the truth.

Does a specific PH balance really make a difference?

Do certain types of water really have magical properties?

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Episode #11

Beef has earned a bad reputation with many health advocates around the world, but is the concern justified?

In this episode I’m joined by registered dietitian Melissa Joy Dobbins to get to the nitty gritty about beef; a well-loved summer-time staple. Personally I love a good burger, but I am often asked about its health effects, especially with high grilling temperatures.

We also dive into the impact of cattle farms on our environment; how harmful is or isn’t it? This episode is a juicy one!

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Episode #10

Over these months of lockdown, I’ve seen healthy habits become a trend only to be thrown to the wayside all together.

In this episode I invited nutritionist and dear friend Samantha Cassetty on the podcast to take a hard look at the ways that many of us are dealing with quarantine living.

Have our exercising habits changed?
Are we eating healthy and/or snacking too much?
What about those happy hours, are we drinking perhaps a little more than usual?

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Episode #09

In this episode I’m breaking down the Keto diet, from how it works and IF it works, to the studies and science behind it. Is the Keto diet the magic weight loss solution so many people claim it to be? What types of side effects, if any, does it have?

If you’ve been considering “going Keto”, or have been curious about it, you need to listen to this episode!

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Episode #08

From nut milk to oat milk, and even banana milk, there are plenty of milk alternatives out there to choose from. But what really makes some better than others?

In this episode I lay out the most popular milk alternatives and tell you everything you need to know in order to understand which one is right for you. For example, which one is the best in terms of delivering protein, fiber, vitamin D and/or calcium? Everyone has favorites, let me help you find yours!

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Episode #07

Dairy commercials rave about its health benefits, so why are so many people still freaked out by milk?

In this episode I’m joined by Lauren Twigge, aka “The Dairy Dietitian”, to help understand the facts about the milk industry, including hormone and antibiotic usage.

Should we be concerned about our milk and dairy consumption? What’s the real difference between conventional and organic milk? How about those cows?

Find out everything you need to know so you don’t have to avoid the dairy aisle.

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Episode #06

For many years, low calorie sweeteners, like Splenda, have taken some serious heat from the public.

I’ve invited Dr. Ali Webster from IFIC Foundation to join me to break down everything you need to know about low calorie sweeteners. What’s the difference between man-made and natural? How does something get FDA approved? Do they cause cancer? We tackle the myths and face the facts so you can make the best choice for yourself on whether or not you choose to consume them.

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Episode #05

In today’s diet culture, is it okay to WANT to lose weight?

In this episode I’m joined by my first guest, registered dietitian Jackie London, to breakdown whether or not someone can love their body yet want to lose weight. Jackie is the Head of Nutrition and Wellness at WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and the author of Dressing on the Side: and Other Diet Myths Debunked – needless to say she’s the perfect person to discuss this nuanced topic with.

Are weight loss and body positivity mutually exclusive or can there be common ground?

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Episode #04

As far as most people know, collagen is something that prevents wrinkles. But what is it really and does it actually have health benefits? In this episode, I break down the science of collagen so you can make the right choice when it comes to supplements.

And speaking of science, what about all those ingredients you can’t pronounce on your food items? Are these food additives safe and why are they even there to begin with?

Finally, breakfast: we’ve all be trained to think that it’s the most important meal of the day. I dissect whether the power of breakfast is fact or fiction.

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Episode #03

Over the last few years, gluten has earned itself a bad reputation. Sure, your friends might say they feel better on a gluten-free diet, but is it really necessary for you? In this episode, I dive into one of the biggest diet trends I’ve seen and why gluten-free is NOT for everyone.

A new diet fad has also hit the media, the Sirtfood Diet. This diet was recently made popular by Adele after her massive weight-loss this year, so I explain what exactly it is along with its health claims? And then there is allulose – have you heard of it? I walk you through this new-found sugar alternative and discuss whether or not it is safe to try.

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Episode #02

Keri tackles three topics in nutrition that keep coming up over and over again: intermittent fasting, coffee detoxs and vegan cookies. These three fads have claimed benefits when in comes to wellness and weigh-loss, but let’s look at the science.

Does intermittent fasting have fact-based results, and what are they? Do you NEED coffee to function, or should you avoid it all together? Vegan cookies: are they “good for you”, or should you stick to an old-fashioned chocolate chip?
All these questions answered, and more in this episode of the Keri Report.

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Episode #01

Long before this global pandemic, I was seeing “magic” supplements circling around the internet as the ultimate cure for the common cold and flu. Unfortunately, I now see them more than ever.

In this episode, I dissect the scientific studies on how effective the four most talked about supplements are. I also get real about the annual Dirty Dozen list from the Environmental Working Group. What does it mean to call a fruit or vegetable “clean” or “dirty”, and should we even be worried about pesticides in our produce to begin with? And lastly a question on everyone’s mind: what exactly is a a plant-based or plant-forward diet?

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