Here’s a little info about my yoga journey…

I have been an avid yoga practitioner for almost twenty years, studying with a wide range of amazing teachers mostly in NYC and the Hamptons. But it wasn’t till March of 2017 that I officially became certified as a yoga teacher myself. My 200-hour vinyasa style training was completed through House of Jai in NYC.

I love arm balances and inversions. Choosing my favorite pose however would be impossible, since simply showing up on my mat puts a smile on my face. My mantra is, “yoga at any age” as I personally feel we are never too old (or young) to physically and mentally challenge ourselves.

The hardest part of yoga for me, is finding santosha. Santosha is part of the eight limbs of yoga and means contentment. I work on this daily. Just because I still can’t hold a handstand in the middle of the room after 20 years of practice, who cares? Not this girl! (Ok, maybe I care just a little!)


P.S. I teach every Monday, Thursday & Saturday from 10am-11am EST via Zoom. Email me for more info. 

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Keri Gans