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Why Buying Rx Online Is Better than Shopping at Local Drugstores? Be that as it may, buying drugs online in is a lot more cost-efficient apart from being more convenient and easy. Among others, it is worth admitting that local pharmacies do not provide such a function as free shipping. It may have such a feature only if the travel distance is not too long, so that you’ll be restricted by certain boundaries when shopping at local pharmacies. Besides, local drugstores do not run round-the-clock, which is inconvenient for those users who wish to order drugs at any time they wish without any restrictions.

The Keri Report Newsletter

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Con esta aplicación de control parental, es posible limitar el tiempo de pantalla en los teléfonos de los niños a la hora de hacer los deberes aplicación de control infantil. Actualmente existen muchas posibilidades que van desde aplicaciones educativas para niños hasta control parental que nos permiten.

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How to Reduce Food Waste! February 23, 2021How to Reduce Food Waste!

I recently taped an episode on The Keri Report podcast titled, "How to Reduce Food Waste, Once and For ALL!" Sharing anything related to food waste and environmental issues on any of my platforms is relatively something new for me, but something that I feel I should now embrace (Hello my 3 grandchildren!). As you may know though controversial topics has always been my game; and even though I believe climate change is REAL, there are those who don't (Hence the controversy!). Please share  this episode with them!

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What’s The Deal With Detox Teas? February 9, 2021What's The Deal With Detox Teas?

With all the cold weather and snow we've been having in the northeast, I've already begun dreaming about the spring. (I know - I need to get better at staying in the present!) As I was looking through photos the other day (yes, I was procrastinating) I ran across this one of me and Cooper. He was such a little pup then, and I was reminded, once again, of how quickly time flies. Sure I can't wait to be without a jacket again, but I also don't want to rush time. Here's to us all slowing down a little, and taking each day (and moment) as it comes!!!

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How’s Your New Year Going? January 26, 2021How's Your New Year Going?

If you recall, I am not a fan of resolutions, intentions, WOTY (word of the year) - anything we feel we must set on January 1st. But, I am a fan of waking up in the morning anytime of the year and checking in with ourselves. Asking yourself if you are you doing something (anything!) to help you reach your goals, whether that be personal or specifically work related. And if the answer is no, then why the hell not start TODAY!

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Goodbye 2020, It’s Been Real! December 29, 2020Goodbye 2020, It's Been Real!

If there is one year I think we can all agree that we want to be over is 2020. It's been a hell of a year indeed! It's been a year of changes; we've experienced things that we perhaps never quite saw coming. Many of us feel forever changed. And with the new year ahead hopefully we can all approach it in a slightly different way than we have before. Forget resolutions, forget setting huge, unrealistic goals, but rather start each day with gratitude and an open heart.

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Foods To Boost Your Energy! December 2, 2020Foods To Boost Your Energy!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and for many of us it looked a lot different than last year. Personally I didn't even cook a turkey! Since it was just hubby and I (and yes, Cooper!!!) I roasted a chicken instead. I am sure the next few weeks will also present differently than past holiday seasons - but hopefully that won't stop most of us from still spreading holiday cheer!

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To Scoop Or Not To Scoop? November 21, 2020To Scoop Or Not To Scoop?

To scoop or not to scoop that is the question? I'm a die-hard scooper and the main reason is to make more room for all the goodness that goes into the sandwich. For example, one of my favorite sandwiches is tuna - classic tuna with regular mayo. If I didn't scoop this bagel (pictured above), all the veggies, such as, lettuce, onion, tomato and cucumber, wouldn't fit.

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Pandemic Weight Gain? Who Cares! November 3, 2020Pandemic Weight Gain? Who Cares!

It's hard to think of anything today other than the election. I hope you voted early, mailed in your ballot, OR are voting in-person today! Each and everyone us needs to cast our vote more than ever!!! Inhale, exhale...repeat!

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Is Irish Moss The Next Best Superfood? October 21, 2020Is Irish Moss The Next Best Superfood?

Thought it was time for a little call out to those of you who do not like to cook. You do NOT need to feel guilty. I have always believed you can still be healthy with never cooking a single meal. It comes down to choices!!! Lately with new little puppy I haven't had much time to spend in the kitchen so I've been doing a lot of taking-in and ordering-in. I just think of it as if I was preparing a home-made meal: Do I have a veggie? Do I have a protein? And do I have a healthy carb?

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Can Candy Actually Kill You? October 6, 2020Can Candy Actually Kill You?

Let's be honest - sometimes life is difficult. Even when you expect nothing but joy from something or someone - that joy can actually bring difficulty. At the end of the day, it's about how you manage expectations, how you react to unexpected outcomes, and ultimately find balance and sanity. Squeezing a little leg stretch while trying to train Cooper is definitely an example of me trying to find balance AND yes, simply trying to stay sane!

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Is Coconut Oil Healthy? September 22, 2020Is Coconut Oil Healthy?

Say hello to Cooper Hank, named after his 4-legged brother Henry, the newest addition to my family!!! I've learned some very important things from having him this past week: 1. There is definitely something wrong with people who don't smile at puppies (Yes, I can tell through their mask!), 2. Patience is BEYOND a virtue. and 3. LOVE can happen very quickly!

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