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The Keri Report Newsletter

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Con esta aplicación de control parental, es posible limitar el tiempo de pantalla en los teléfonos de los niños a la hora de hacer los deberes aplicación de control infantil. Actualmente existen muchas posibilidades que van desde aplicaciones educativas para niños hasta control parental que nos permiten.

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Is Irish Most The Next Best Superfood? October 21, 2020Is Irish Most The Next Best Superfood?

Thought it was time for a little call out to those of you who do not like to cook. You do NOT need to feel guilty. I have always believed you can still be healthy with never cooking a single meal. It comes down to choices!!! Lately with new little puppy I haven't had much time to spend in the kitchen so I've been doing a lot of taking-in and ordering-in. I just think of it as if I was preparing a home-made meal: Do I have a veggie? Do I have a protein? And do I have a healthy carb?

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Can Candy Actually Kill You? October 6, 2020Can Candy Actually Kill You?

Let's be honest - sometimes life is difficult. Even when you expect nothing but joy from something or someone - that joy can actually bring difficulty. At the end of the day, it's about how you manage expectations, how you react to unexpected outcomes, and ultimately find balance and sanity. Squeezing a little leg stretch while trying to train Cooper is definitely an example of me trying to find balance AND yes, simply trying to stay sane!

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Is Coconut Oil Healthy? September 22, 2020Is Coconut Oil Healthy?

Say hello to Cooper Hank, named after his 4-legged brother Henry, the newest addition to my family!!! I've learned some very important things from having him this past week: 1. There is definitely something wrong with people who don't smile at puppies (Yes, I can tell through their mask!), 2. Patience is BEYOND a virtue. and 3. LOVE can happen very quickly!

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The F-Factor Diet Saga September 9, 2020The F-Factor Diet Saga

Goodbye summer! Can't say you were like any others I've ever had before! Must of it was spent in NYC adapting to a new lifestyle. Not sure what the fall will bring, but I promise I am ready for you!

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Is Your Diet Making You Gain Weight? August 25, 2020Is Your Diet Making You Gain Weight?

The other day I was out for dinner with a friend! We ate outside and met at 5:30pm to avoid any potential for crowds (and truthfully, I like starting early!). As we ate (and drank) we spoke about how special it is these days to actually meet a friend in person; something that perhaps pre-pandemic life we took a little for granted. This night I did everything I could to not cancel (something last minute came up and I still made it work), be ON-TIME, and already set up our next dinner date. We can definitely learn a lot from this virus, and one of those things should be how important friendships are!

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Margarita’s Anyone? August 11, 2020Margarita's Anyone?

I enjoy a hamburger without a bun. Not that I don't LOVE bread because I do and eat it practically daily, but a doughy bun does nothing for me! I also LOVE fries, but don't always need to have along side a hamburger; for example, in this case I was craving pasta and salad. Many of you always ask though it is OK to eat beef to begin with? My answer is always yes, but thought it would be helpful to dedicate a podcast episode examining the facts. Take a listen here: "Can Does Beef Fit Into a Health Diet and Our Planet?. Let me know your thoughts!

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6 Fun Ways To Enjoy Watermelon! July 28, 20206 Fun Ways To Enjoy Watermelon!

It's officially corn season!!! For YEARS, I have dehusked, rubbed with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper, wrapped in foil, then threw onto a hot grill, turning every couple of minutes. This year, I only dream about it! BUT, just because I don't have a grill to use doesn't mean I am not enjoying corn! It's just different. Now, I dehusk, wrap in saran wrap, and microwave for @3 minutes per ear. I also enjoy in pasta dishes by slicing it off the cob raw, sautéing with garlic & oil and other veggies. Sometimes it's just a matter of shifting gears, not totally giving up!

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Why YOU Should Be Eating MORE Veggies! July 14, 2020Why YOU Should Be Eating MORE Veggies!

I did it - took my first subway ride since March. And guess what? People wore masks, the subway was NOT crowded and social distancing was in order. Can't say how it will be another time, but on this day I felt safe. Phew! It's definitely the little things we do now that can bring some sense of normalcy to our lives. In other news - still have not gotten a pedicure and am kinda getting use to this whole no polish thing! Who am I?

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8 Unusual Ways To Enjoy berries June 30, 20208 Unusual Ways To Enjoy berries

SO, this was a first. My first outside eating and drinking experience with a friend since March. We chose a place with no waiter or waitress, no menu, order at the takeout window and just help yourself to a table. Our table was on the sidewalk, socially distanced from other tables, and it seemed like all pedestrians walking by had masks on. It felt GOOD. It also felt WEIRD. Who knows how long any of this will last?

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Sirtfood Diet, Again??!! June 16, 2020Sirtfood Diet, Again??!!

Just thought I'd take a quick moment here and remind everyone that even though COVID-19 numbers are going down, they are also going up! I know it seems like a lifetime that we've been practicing social distancing and wearing masks, etc. BUT this virus is NOT over. I know it's hard, especially as the weather warms up and we want to visit with our friends and family. But please be smart, be patient, and remember to think of others. We've come so far, I would hate to see us back to square one!

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