4 Ways To Deal With Social Distancing | Keri Gans New York
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4 Ways To Deal With Social Distancing

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At first I thought I wasn’t going to send out a Keri Report this week. With all the craziness in the world right now it was hard for me to wrap my head around sharing my usual content with you. You know what I mean? We want news on COVID-19 not “How Many Calories are in….”. BUT then I thought, maybe Keri Report stuff is just what we need OR maybe what I need to share. Trying to stay calm amongst uncertainty is not easy, but doing our best to continue with some sense of normalcy is important. SO, as long as I can I will continue sharing nutrition information with you and maybe some things a little off the beaten path. I will understand if you choose not to read it now, but for those of you who do I hope it brings a little sunshine to your day!

In this week’s the Keri Report:

  • 4 Ways To Help Me With Social Distancing
  • 11 Natural Snacks You Are Going To Want To Stock Up On
  • What Are Sulfites – And Are Their Side Effects Causing My Wine Hangover.

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4 Ways To Help Me With Social Distancing

Just so you know when my yoga studio closed and then all the restaurants in NYC closed the chaos around us suddenly became VERY real to me. I was already trying to stay home and social distance but just knowing that my 2 most popular places for social interaction on almost a daily basis were no longer available to me I kind of panicked. I never realized how much I thrive on human interaction, until the thought of not having it. SO, to keep me sane I have started talking to friends and family about initiating the following:

1. Regular google hangout happy-hours over quarantinis
2. Google hangout yoga sessions with my yogi BFFs
3. FaceTime for coffee breaks
4. FaceTime just to see faces I need to see on a regular basis, hello grandkids!

I am sure this list will grow or change – as is everything around us – but for now at least it’s a start!

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11 Natural Snacks You Are Going To Want To Stock Up On Shape Magazine

Who knew when I recently gave this interview that “stocking up” would be in everyone’s vocabulary. Personally I am one of the last people to stock up, second to my mom that is (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!), but given the times we are in now it sure couldn’t hurt. I also think that the snacks recommended in this article are also perfect for when this pandemic comes to an end – and yes, it WILL eventually come to an end!

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What Are Sulfites – And Are Their Side Effect Causing My Wine Hangover Women’s Health Magazine

Personally I am a vodka drinker so can’t speak from experience here. But, I did find some interesting information while researching for this interview. If you ever felt sulfites were responsible for your hangover, or simply that they made you feel like crap, this article is a must read.