8 Unusual Ways To Enjoy berries | Keri Gans New York
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8 Unusual Ways To Enjoy berries

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SO, this was a first. My first outside eating and drinking experience with a friend since March. We chose a place with no waiter or waitress, no menu, order at the takeout window and just help yourself to a table. Our table was on the sidewalk, socially distanced from other tables, and it seemed like all pedestrians walking by had masks on. It felt GOOD. It also felt WEIRD. Who knows how long any of this will last? In the meanwhile, I will continue to simply take each day as it comes and manage to keep smiling along the way!

In this week’s the Keri Report:

  • 8 Unusual Ways To Enjoy Berries
  • 10 Yoga Stretches That Help Banish Belly Bloat
  • What Is Banana Milk, Exactly, and Is It Healthy?

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8 Unusual Ways To Enjoy Berries U.S. News Eat + Run Blog

Summer fruit is one of the many reasons I love summer, especially berries. Admittedly, I simply buy a half-pint, pop them one by one in my mouth, and enjoy ALL in one sitting – nothing fancy here. BUT, there are so many other ways to enjoy them. Thanks to my creative RD pals, they share their ideas in my latest blog post for U.S. News. Read on…..

Yoga wide FF

10 Yoga Stretches That Help Banish Belly Bloat The Healthy 

Banish belly bloat? Well, no promises here (and I do hate that headline)! But, good for you? Hell yes!!! So much being fun interviewed for this story as I love to talk all things yoga! Every one of the poses in this story are worth a try; believe me, your body will thank you!

What Is Banana Milk, Exactly, and Is It Healthy? – Shape Magazine

AND just when we thought there couldn’t be any more milk alternatives on the market another one appears! Should you add this to your mix? Maybe, maybe not! Find out in my interview with Shape Magazine, OR check out episode 8 of my podcast, “Understanding Milk Alternatives”, for more in-depth information on almost ALL the non-dairy varieties available in the supermarkets today.