Agave Isn’t As Healthy As You Think! | Keri Gans New York
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Agave Isn’t As Healthy As You Think!

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This past Friday I took the day off from work to take my grandchildren to a farm for a hay ride and pumpkin picking! It was actually my 19-month old grandson’s class trip. What these types of days help me to remember is that it OK to take time off. Being self-employed and working from home makes it quite hard for me to disconnect from work. It’s like it’s always right in front of my face and hard to look away. But I need to, we all need to, remind ourselves that 30 years from now we are not going to remember that blog post we did or email we sent, but we WILL remember the look of happiness on our grandchildren’s (kids, spouses, friends, etc.) faces!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • Pumpkin Has Some Truly Amazing Health Benefits, According to Nutritionists
  • Agave Vs. Honey – Which Is Healthier?
  • Néstle Has a New Plant-Based Awesome Burger – Here’s What Dietitians Think Of It


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Pumpkin Has Some Truly Amazing Health Benefits, According to NutritionistsPrevention Magazine

Whenever fall comes around there are so many foods that people get excited about – especially pumpkin. WELL, wish I could join that party – but I strongly dislike pumpkin. However, that does not stop me from fully appreciating all that pumpkin has to offer nutritionally. Please keep in mind though that the slice of pumpkin pie you are now dreaming about is not really what I have in mind when I use the word “nutritionally”. Just saying!

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Agave Vs. Honey – Which Is Healthier? Women’s Health Magazine

You know how certain foods you never heard of and then you can’t stop hearing about them? That’s how I feel about agave! I see it all over the place usually being substituted in recipes for table sugar or honey and it comes with a big health halo surrounding it. Sure it’s much sweeter and therefore you use less, BUT trust me it comes with its own problems. Read on please….

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Néstle Has a New Plant-Based Awesome Burger – Here’s What Dietitians Think Of It – Prevention Magazine

Everywhere you look it seems a new veggie burger is on the horizon. From Beyond Meat and Impossible to now Awesome. Some would argue that they aren’t as healthy as they seem because of their long ingredient lists and you should pass on them. Others, like myself, feel they are a good option if you vegan/vegetarian or simply want to eat more plant-based foods. Hey, I for one love a good juicy burger (without cheese though, sorry!) – but also believe there is room in our diets for both.