Another Celebrity Diet You Don’t Want To Follow! | Keri Gans New York
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Another Celebrity Diet You Don’t Want To Follow!

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Week two of the New Year! How are the resolutions going? (Gasp!) I feel it is important to remind you that no matter what happens with your health goals, you can ALWAYS start over! OR you can always switch gears. For example, you swore you were going to start bringing your own healthy lunch to work, and then after a couple of days realized that is NEVER going to happen! SO, the new gear would be to simply make healthier choices when buying take out at the office. Here’s to us all staying positive (and healthy) in 2019!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • 7 Ways Losing Weight Too Fast Will Backfire
  • Chris Pratt Is on the Daniel Fast, a Nutritionist Weighs In
  • What Nutritionists Eat Every Day To Maintain A Healthy Weight

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7 Ways Losing Weight Too Fast Will BackfireHealthline

I think it’s important at this time of year, you know with resolutions and all, to remind you that fast weight loss typically backfires. Trust me, I understand that most people want to see quick results; it’s those results that keep you moving forward. But unfortunately unless you are willing to put the actual work in and change your eating habits which takes time and patience, you probably will just find yourself back on this same path a year from now. And wouldn’t that just s*ck!

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These Will Be The Hottest Food Trends in 2019 U.S. News Eat + Run Blog

Don’t you just love when a celebrity is on a new diet and it becomes all the rage? Well, I don’t, but then again I do find some humor in it. Hey, I like to look at the bright side! What I always struggle to understand though is why a celebrity wouldn’t just hire a personal chef who can make them all the healthy meals they need. And in this situation particularly, I would think it would be a whole lot better than “starving” one’s self?

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What Nutritionists Eat Every Day To Maintain A Healthy WeightNBC Better

For those of you who know me, you”ll probably not be too surprised as what I reported I eat. But I can’t tell you how often people are still shocked. Pasta? Bagels? You betcha! AND also keep in mind this was just a snapshot of what I eat not its entirety. So lots of foods didn’t make the list, for example, saImon, skirt steak, and potatoes (both baked and fries). I did find it interesting to read what the other nutritionists eat, and I think you will too! Thanks Samantha Cassetty for asking in the first place!