Are Smoothies Really Good For You? | Keri Gans New York
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Are Smoothies Really Good For You?

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Cutting into a perfectly ripe peach NEVER gets old! You know, kinda the same feeling when you cut into a perfectly ripe avocado? You feel like it’s your lucky day! Anyway, just want to take this opportunity to remind you how important it is to eat plenty of fruits and veggies daily. The vitamins and minerals they are packed with are beyond important for your optimal health. So please, NO excuses! At this time of year there is certainly plenty of yumminess out there – GO enjoy!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • Benefits of Drinking Ginger Water
  • Can Eating Apples and Bananas Help You Lose Weight?
  • Are Smoothies Actually Healthy?

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Benefits of Drinking Ginger WaterU.S. News Eat + Run

Move over lemon water there is a new kid on the block! Personally I never jumped on the lemon water band wagon, nor am I about to go wild over ginger. However, I do see that there could be some advantages, and that being mainly in regards to hydration. As you will see from the article I wrote for U.S. News a lot more is being said about ginger. Hmmmm? I’ll let you decide!

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Can Eating Apples and Bananas Help You Lose Weight?

Ahhhh, the forever question: “Will ____ help me to lose weight?” Well, truthfully, NOT one food (or two) can have that effect. Sure, apples and bananas can be part of a well-balanced diet, BUT I would argue that any fruit would do. And that’s because it’s the fiber from the fruit that I am an advocate of, more than the two fruits themselves. Check out what my pal Jackie Newgent has to say in her above article!

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Are Smoothies Actually Healthy?Runner’s World

Smoothies tend to be one of those foods that have a health halo surrounding it. Hey, blended fruits and/or veggies have to be good for you, right? Well – perhaps not always. As I told Runner’s World, “It can go either way, and that depends on the nutrient profile. Too many calories and added sugar, with less than adequate protein, your smoothie can surely wind up being the latter.” The latter in this case being NOT so healthy. Read on for more deets!