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Bad Nutrition Advise, Oh MY!

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For years I stopped eating salmon. I don’t really know why, it just seems I woke up one morning and lost my taste for it. But fast forward to today, and I eat it all the time. If I recall I went to an event, where there was nothing else I liked, ordered the salmon and was like, hmmm, this taste good! And just like that our relationship was mended. The funny thing is I have had this happen with other foods, some that I am now eating and others that I still have no desire for. So, what’s my point? Don’t assume because you didn’t like something one day, that another time you might. Be open to the possibility that change is the ONE thing you can count on!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • BAD Nutrition Advice Dietitians Want You To Forget
  • The Healthy Woman’s Guide to Eating Carbs
  • 13 Ways To Practice Self-Love Every Day

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Bad Nutrition Advice Dietitians Want You To ForgetNBC News Better

Such good advice in this article I don’t know where to start. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the article to find mine! I’m sure it won’t be a shocker to you, ha! Personally not a fan of myth #1 since I do still prefer NOT to label any food as “bad”. I will refer to them as “better for you” or “not the best choice”, but maybe I am just being politically correct 🙂

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The Healthy Woman’s Guide to Eating CarbsShape Magazine

And “Men’s Guide”!!!!! Anyway, happy to be interviewed for this story because when major magazines promote carb eating (and not another ridiculous trend) I know that NOT all my work falls on deaf ears 🙂 So do me a favor and pass this article on to someone you know who still thinks carbs are the enemy! Maybe, just maybe, we can change another mind! #positivethinking

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13 Ways to Practice Self-Love Every

Thrilled when I get quoted as both a nutritionist and a yoga teacher. To me they go hand in hand – healthy eating and fitness – all part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Trust me, SO many of the tips in this article I personally do not do, nor do I think I will ever! BUT, I do try to respect and love my body as best as I can. Hey, it’s the only one I will ever have!