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AND in a wink of an eye it is August. Time flies when you’re having fun??? Anyhoo, there are lots of things I miss when the summer is over, mainly the weather. BUT, summer fruits are definitely at the top of my list. I admit, I don’t think I eat as much fruit the rest of year. Something I need to work on. What about you?

In this week’s the Keri Report:

  • Tomatoes: Health Benefits and Recipes
  • The Plant-Based Diet Benefits Everyone Should Know
  • 4 Reasons Your Cup of Coffee Might Not Be Reaching Its Full Health-Boosting Potential

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Tomatoes: Health Benefits and RecipesU.S. News Eat + Run Blog

As a kid the closest thing I ate to a tomato was ketchup. Fast forward to today, and they are a staple in my diet. Packed with SO many health benefits and SO many ways to prepare, I can’t help but wonder why they aren’t a staple in everyone’s diet. Check out my newest article for U.S. News for everything tomato, and make sure to read the delicious recipes I grabbed from my RD pals.

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The Plant-Based Diet Benefits Everyone Should Know – Shape Magazine

Sometimes we think that something is good for us, but we honestly are not even sure why. Take a plant-based diet for example. First of all many people think it’s about eating 100% plants, like a vegan diet, however, that isn’t even the case. To find out what plant-based eating really is, and the WHY you should be doing it, READ on…

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4 Reasons Your Cup of Coffee Might Not Be Reaching Its Full Health-Boosting PotentialWell + Good

Can’t begin to tell you how many people still tell me proudly that they no longer drink coffee. And I am like, “WHY?” Coffee has health benefits and research to support it. BUT yes, you could certainly sabotage that cup. Thanks to Well + Good for making sure we are all doing our coffee justice!


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