Daylight Savings Edition | Keri Gans New York
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Daylight Savings Edition

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Happy Daylight Savings!!! This morning while browsing through Instagram I read this quote: “I need a coffee so I can go and get my coffee.” I laughed out loud! Who can relate? Losing an hour of sleep on Sunday definitely had an effect on me. And I don’t remember it happening before??!! In any event, I will continue to focus on the positive – HELLO more daylight and warmer weather on the horizon – and less on my need for coffee!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • 5 Healthy Foods That Can Upset Your Stomach
  • What To Eat If You Like Snacks More than Meals
  • Meet Quark – Germany’s Answer to Greek Yogurt

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5 Healthy Foods That Can Upset Your Stomach – Silver Sneakers

Hey, if we eat crap and then feel like crap it’s almost understandable, right? BUT, if we eat healthy foods and then feel like crap; we’re like WTF? Trust me, I get that this can be oh so frustrating, but the good news is you probably can still eat MOST of these foods and eventually feel great! Read on to find out how……

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What To Eat If You Like Snacks More Than Meals – U.S. News Eat + Run

Sound familiar? Many people LOVE to snack, almost to the point that they can do without meals. (Personally, I am a way more a MEAL eater!) The problem is that for many though their snack choice is far from the healthiest. Thanks to my RD pal Joan Salge Blake for reaching out to me and my colleagues for ideas that can help make that snack choice a HEALTHY one!

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Meet Quark – Germany’s Answer To Greek YogurtWell + Good

Move over Greek yogurt there’s a new kid on the block! But then again, if you’ve been down the yogurt aisle recently you might just feel a little overwhelmed. I know I do and food is my business 🙂 Anyway, I was at a food show lately and got to taste Quark for the first time! #YUM Bravo to Well + Good for doing a great job explaining what the heck it is!!!