Do You Need A Multivitamin? | Keri Gans New York
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Do You Need A Multivitamin?

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This past week in NYC the temps sky rocketed. Now I for one, am NOT complaining; love the heat!!! But living in a not so large NYC apartment with a not so large kitchen – makes you not want to turn the oven on when it hits anything over 80 degrees. So the other night I decided to go for take-out! Gasp! What many people don’t realize is that takeout food doesn’t have to be synonymous with disaster. You can actually choose healthy foods and that is exactly what I did: shrimp cocktail, black bean salad, barley salad, and a little mozzarella with tomatoes. I was even lucky enough to have leftovers for the following night. If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a zillion more times, you typically have more control than you think!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • This Is Meghan Markle’s Go-To Snack for Glowing Skin
  • The Diet That Helped This Woman Lose 70 pounds Actually Involves Eating More Meals
  • Do You Need To Take A Multivitamin?

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This Is Meghan Markle’s Go-To Snack for Glowing  

There is definitely something about a royal wedding that has everyone talking about it; and it isn’t ONLY about what they’ll be wearing. Nowadays you can be sure that what the royals, or soon to be a royal, put in their mouths are also of interest. Happy to report it appears, at least for now, that Meghan Markle avoids fad diets and actually eats wisely. Obviously my picture above is a spoiler alert 🙂

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The Diet That Helped This Woman Lose 70 pounds Actually Involves Eating More MealsHealth Magazine

Never seizes to amaze how so many people refuse to use common sense when it comes to losing weight. I guess it just seems to make more sense to starve yourself to lose weight versus eating. BUT unfortunately, as I and many other nutritionists constantly repeat, starvation leads to deprivation which eventually leads to overeating – and a viscous cycle it is for sure! So don’t take my word for it, but please read the above success story.

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Do You Need To Take A Multivitamin?Allure Magazine

Maybe? But, when it comes to supplementing, the mantra should always be food first! If you follow a bad diet and pop a multivitamin it isn’t going to work miracles. Love when people say, “I got so much energy from it!” Really? Doubtful. Yet, if you try and eat a well-balanced diet and no matter what fall short of certain important nutrients, then perhaps it’s worth it. I look at it like a safety net, it’s there only to catch you if you fall!