Does Drinking Coffee Prevent Dementia? | Keri Gans New York
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Does Drinking Coffee Prevent Dementia?

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As this decade comes closer to an end I think it is a great time to set intentions for the next one. Now trust me, I am not a fan of resolutions so that is not what I am suggesting. But rather take a walk down memory lane (try and make it quick, no point in belaboring!) and think about the last ten years. Now think about what you hope for yourself in the years ahead. And after that is said and done, take a long deep breathe and simply try to be present. Because guess what my friends – thinking too much about the past or the future will simply drive you insane! Please, trust me on this!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • Is Canned Tuna Really Healthy?
  • The 10 Best Healthy Food Trends Coming in 2020
  • Can drinking coffee actually reduce dementia risk?

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Is Canned Tuna Really Healthy?Women’s Health

Being a die-hard tuna fish sandwich lover, this was one interview that I had my fingers crossed for. What would happen if the research I looked at said that canned tuna should only be eaten once to twice a week? Personally, I eat it more than that and like I said – I am a die-hard tuna fish sandwich lover, no joke! Luckily I have good news to share (think light tuna not white!), along with other important factors – SO read on!!!!

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The 10 Best Healthy Food Trends Coming in 2020 Women’s Health

With every new year comes a lot of predictions, especially in the food and nutrition space. What will we be seeing more of? What from this past year is here to stay? Thank you to Women’s Health for asking me what I think and not holding me accountable for the results. Fingers crossed that I got some of them right! Ha!

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Can drinking coffee actually reduce dementia risk? Yahoo! Lifestyle

Nothing like a new study to make headlines! But like a lot of published research you need to know how to really interpret the results. Being one to enjoy a cup (or two) of coffee every day I would like to think that I am reducing my risk for dementia but unfortunately I’m still not convinced. However, in the meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy and be hopeful that one day the research will be conclusive.