Eggs…Healthy or NOT? | Keri Gans New York
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Eggs…Healthy or NOT?

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It might not feel like spring, at least here in NYC, but according to the calendar it’s officially here! Personally I’ve starting going through my closet and deciding on what to donate or sell on consignment (Rule of thumb, if not worn or looked at in 3 years perhaps it’s time to part ways!). Hey, got to get rid of some old to make room for some new, right? Anyway, how many of you do this in your kitchen? Actually go through your cupboards, pantry, freezer and fridge and decide what has overstayed its welcome? Check out this article by Real Simple which offers a lot of help on when to toss things. And here’s to spring cleaning – closets, kitchen or whatever else it means to you!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • You Ask: I Answer: “What’s the deal with eggs – healthy or not?”
  • 7 Portion-Size Mistakes You Are Probably Making
  • 9 Nutritionist-Approved Olive Garden Menu Items

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You Ask: I Answer: “What’s the deal with eggs – healthy or NOT?”

Confused? I don’t blame you. Recently eggs made the headlines again and not in a very positive light. It appears a new study was released that said eating eggs (the yolks that is) regularly does raise cholesterol levels and increases one’s risk for heart disease! OUCH! So were we duped once again when we thought eggs were our friends? Maybe not. Here’s the thing…..

This recent study was an observational study and that is a very important point. Observational studies are NOT the gold standard for scientific research compared to a double-blind controlled study which is. ALSO, in this study information was collected by diet recalls from the participants and diet recalls in general are not the most reliable. Hey, do you even remember what you had for lunch yesterday?

What I did gleam from this study though was that perhaps some people are more sensitive to cholesterol in food than others. Same as with sodium. Some people eat lots of salt and their blood pressure remains normal, while other who are “salt-sensitive” will see their pressure climb.

At the end of the day, more research is indeed needed! In the meanwhile I will continue to enjoy my eggs, especially on whole wheat toast with avocado and sliced tomato.

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7 Portion -Size Mistakes You Are Probably Making My Fitness Pal

If there is one thing that I believe is non-disputable in a weight management discussion is – PORTION SIZES. So many times it really isn’t about what we are eating, but rather how much! Please check out this article and see if you are making any of these, oh so common, mistakes!

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9 Nutritionist-Approved Olive Garden Menu ItemsLivestrong

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand more times……”You can eat out ALL the time and maintain a healthy weight, it really comes down to what you choose to order!”. Yep, and that can include Olive Garden. See what my personal pick was (spoiler alert: includes pasta, duh!) and what many of my RD pals suggest. Bon appétit!