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Thanksgiving has come and gone and for many of us it looked a lot different than last year. Personally I didn’t even cook a turkey! Since it was just hubby and I (and yes, Cooper!!!) I roasted a chicken instead. I am sure the next few weeks will also present differently than past holiday seasons – but hopefully that won’t stop most of us from still spreading holiday cheer!

In this week’s the Keri Report:

  • Best Foods For Energy
  • 9 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
  • The 25 Best Gluten Free Snacks of 2020

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Best Foods For EnergyU.S. News Eat + Run Blog

Please read my latest blog for US News to see what foods I recommend for an energy boost! BUT, and there is a BIG BUT, no ONE food can really boost our energy quickly (well, except for coffee/tea, and maybe water, but they are technically beverages). It really comes down to a combination of factors: the foods we eat overall, the sleep we get, and how active we are throughout the day. I also read somewhere recently that doing something we love can energize us — SO, here’s to doing more of that!

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9 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight

Ahhh, the dreaded holiday weight gain! Honestly, if you put on a couple of pounds, who cares? That is though if you can eventually lose them! For some people, those extra pounds do have a way of accumulating year after year and eventually may lead to health problems and that is where a problem exists. Check out the above tips put together by my pal Samantha Cassetty, RD and you can thank us both later!

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The 25 Best Gluten Free Snacks of 2020, According To Nutritionists – Women’s Health Magazine

Well, well, well……guess what? All these snacks might be gluten-free BUT that wouldn’t be the reason I choose any of them. Unless of course one has a gluten intolerance or celiac disease. The snacks recommended here are just plain old good snacks!! ENJOY!


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