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Is Coconut Oil Poison?

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For those of us who live in the east coast once Labor Day hits we feel like the summer is over. I KNOW, it doesn’t officially end until Sept 21st; but for us that doesn’t matter. Here’ a picture of my feet and legs (bruised and all) digging into the sand. In the last “Keri Report” I had written that I hadn’t made it ONCE to the beach. So guess what? I went and changed that. And now that the summer is over, I could only wish I had gone more! You see, sometimes we don’t know what we are missing until we try it. A new healthy food perhaps? A trip to the gym? Listening to our doctor’s advice about losing weight? ETC, etc……you get the drift, right? Don’t wait till it’s too late!!! Start TODAY!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • Adults: Make These Healthy Resolutions This Fall
  • For Weight Loss, Is It Better To Work Out In The Morning Or Night?
  • Coconut Oil Was Called “Pure Poison” In A Harvard Doctor’s Viral Video, But Here’s What To Know


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Adults: Make These Healthy Resolutions This FallU.S. News Eat + Run

I can’t tell you how many people I know that complain at the end of the summer about eating too much and exercising too little. And I have to admit I always find this funny. Come on people, you spend January (OK, maybe March) to Memorial Day trying to get a “bikini body” (whatever that really means) only to let it all go out the window?!! But I suppose habits are habits, and who am I to expect anything different. However, I can offer some advice on how to get back on track! Read on my friends…..



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For Weight Loss, Is It Better To Work Out In The Morning Or Night? –

Have to admit there is nothing I love more than giving an interview which only requires one sentence! Call me crazy, but I would think the best time is the actual time someone will GO!! Morning, mid-day, after work, late night, etc….who cares??!! Just GO at some point. I KNOW…that advice is just way too practical.

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Coconut Oil Was Called “Pure Poison” In A Harvard Doctor’s Viral Video, But Here’s What To Know

I love my job. Who knows why but I have a deep rooted desire to share facts in a world where so many myths are constantly floating around! Now personally, I would not ever call ANY food poison. That’s right, not even a regular soda, spam or pork rinds. What I would say though is that some foods are better for us than others. And I determine the nutrition benefits of a food based on actual science, not because a celebrity endorses it or my next door neighbor’s aunt can’t stop raving about it. So, if you have a interest in the truth you might want to make sure you read this article.