Is Irish Moss The Next Best Superfood? | Keri Gans New York
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Is Irish Moss The Next Best Superfood?

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Thought it was time for a little call out to those of you who do not like to cook. You do NOT need to feel guilty. I have always believed you can still be healthy with never cooking a single meal. It comes down to choices!!! Lately with new little puppy I haven’t had much time to spend in the kitchen so I’ve been doing a lot of taking-in and ordering-in. I just think of it as if I was preparing a home-made meal: Do I have a veggie? Do I have a protein? And do I have a healthy carb? But most importantly, am I watching my serving size? One trick I do often to keep portions in check, is re-plate my food. I find more often than not I have two servings. One gets put away for another meal! Not only does this save calories it also saves money!! Your welcome!

In this week’s the Keri Report:

  • What Is Irish Moss? Is It A Superfood?
  • Can You Freeze Yogurt? Nutritionists Weight In
  • The 22 Best Tips To Start Losing Weight, According to Dietitians

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What Is Irish Moss? Is It A Superfood?  – U.S. News Eat + Run Blog

I sometimes swear if I didn’t write for U.S. News there are certain things I definitely would NOT know. Take Irish Moss for example – I was like, what??? Superfood or possible carcinogen? Trust me when I say that sometimes these articles take a lot more work than you can possibly realize to tell the correct story! And by correct I mean looking at the science and trying to stop the continuation of any falsehoods. Read on…..and/or take a listen to my podcast on this exact topic!!!

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Can You Freeze Yogurt? Nutritionists Weight InWomen’t Health 

AND just like when I write a story I learn – I also learn when I get asked for an interview. Yep, I had no idea on whether or not you could freeze yogurt, but I put in the research to find the answer. Drumroll please…..the answer is YES! BUT, there is much more to that answer, so please click on link to find out!

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The 22 Best Tips To Start Losing Weight, According to Dietitians –  Eat This, Not That! 

I really appreciate this story because in today’s world so many people prefer NOT to talk about weight loss. But I still believe that sometimes it is in the best interest of an individual for health reasons and as long as they are doing it in a safe and sound way I can support it. SO, thanks to Eat This, Not That! for asking for my tips as well as compiling this entire list!