Is Your Diet Making You Gain Weight? | Keri Gans New York
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Is Your Diet Making You Gain Weight?

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The other day I was out for dinner with a friend! We ate outside and met at 5:30pm to avoid any potential for crowds (and truthfully, I like starting early!). As we ate (and drank) we spoke about how special it is these days to actually meet a friend in person; something that perhaps pre-pandemic life we took a little for granted. This night I did everything I could to not cancel (something last minute came up and I still made it work), be ON-TIME, and already set up our next dinner date. We can definitely learn a lot from this virus, and one of those things should be how important friendships are!

In this week’s the Keri Report:

  • 9 Ways To Learn to Love (or Like) Healthy Eating
  • Why This Trendy Diet Doesn’t Live to is Hype
  • 15 Warning Signs Your Diet is Making You Gain Weight

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9 Ways To Learn to Love (or Like) Healthy Eating – My Fitness Pal Blog

Yep – you might not be alone! Not everyone loves, or even likes, to eat healthy. BUT is that because they make it too boring? Maybe eating the same foods day after day, and not even enjoying them? Luckily this interview with My Fitness Pal provides some great tips to help you step up your game!

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Why This Trendy Diet Doesn’t Live to is HypeMy Fitness Pal Blog

Let’s be honest – does any trendy diet really live up to its hype? The Sirtfood Diet is a great example. I have posted here about it before and actually even did a podcast episode on it. Unfortunately, this diet trend isn’t going away anytime soon! Maybe it has some good attributes? Read on……

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15 Warning Signs Your Diet is Making You Gain WeightEat This, Not That!

Ever find that you started to gain weight when you were consciously trying to lose it? Trust me, there may be a legitimate explanation. Maybe your portions are off kilter? Remember just because a food is “good-for-you” doesn’t mean it is low in calories. Maybe you’re actually watching only what you eat, but NOT what you drink? Cocktails anyone? Check out the above article to find out more; I think you might be surprised in what you find out!