Labor Day Mojo | Keri Gans New York
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Labor Day Mojo

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Goodbye summer. Hello fall. Goodbye warm weather. Hello chill in the air.

Labor Day is the official end to the summer and with that everything I had planned to do these last couple of months. For example, didn’t clean out my basement. (I know crazy thing to even put on a summer to do list.) Didn’t practice handstands every day on my lawn. But OK, did it twice which is better than not at all, right? Yet on the other hand, did get to a lot of other things on my list. Kayaking, check! Happy to report went three times. Trying new restaurants as opposed to just going to my usual hangouts, check! Made it to the beach (OK, it was only the bay beach) with Henry. Next year the actual main beach!

What I find funny about this is that so many people I know will have similar stories. My yoga teacher the other day said she was going to learn to surf this summer, but yet again put it off. Why do we do this? I will argue it is human nature to procrastinate. And yet, all the time I tell my patients not to put off what they could do TODAY, especially when it comes to our health. Because seriously, the time will never be 100% right, the stars never completely aligned and if we keep telling ourselves tomorrow it will probably never happen.

So are we all doomed? Absolutely not! We just need to start living more in the present. If there is something you want to do, don’t always put a time constraint around it. It doesn’t need a start date and it doesn’t need an end date. Maybe TODAY you change one thing in your diet, such as, passing on dessert tonight when you dine out. Or maybe I run outside right now and try a handstand or straighten up one small part of my basement.  And maybe, just maybe, my teacher decides to travel somewhere where she can surf before next summer. Because as you already know – if we continue to procrastinate we will never reach our goals.

So this week in The Keri Report I have nothing else to share — no recipes, no product picks, no media — just a whole lot of positive mojo :)))))

Photo by Bart Labiner

Photo by Bart Labiner