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Margarita’s Anyone?

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I enjoy a hamburger without a bun. Not that I don’t LOVE bread because I do and eat it practically daily, but a doughy bun does nothing for me! I also LOVE fries, but don’t always need to have along side a hamburger; for example, in this case I was craving pasta and salad. Many of you always ask though it is OK to eat beef to begin with? My answer is always yes, but thought it would be helpful to dedicate a podcast episode examining the facts. Take a listen here: “Can Does Beef Fit Into a Health Diet and Our Planet?. Let me know your thoughts!

In this week’s the Keri Report:

  • Keri’s Bar: Classic Margarita
  • What Is Monk Fruit Sweetener?
  • 10 Super Unhealthy Salads You Should Skip When Out

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Keri’s Bar: Classic Margarita

One crazy thing, among others, that has happened during this pandemic is my need to make a cocktail other than a martini! Shocker, I know! BUT, my first try with making one was NOT a success! Thanks to my neighbor for the advice, “it’s all about the fresh lime”, I decided to try another on-line recipe and discovered this one from the NY Times. Success!

2 ounces blanco tequila
Juice of 1 whole lime
½ ounce triple sec, preferably Cointreau
Salt for rim (optional)
Lime wedge, for garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add tequila, lime juice and triple sec. Shake. Pour, with the ice, into a highball or footed glass (salt rim first if you like). Garnish with wedge of lime.

P.S. Of course there are many “fancier” margaritas out there – but hey, just like I like a classic martini, I prefer a classic margarita!

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What Is Monk Fruit Sweetener?U.S. News Eat + Run Blog

Just when I thought I knew about every low-calorie sweetener another one comes a long. Actually though monk fruit has been around for centuries, but it’s now just catching on. I guess one could say, better late than never? But does it live up to all the hype surrounding it? Read on……

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10 Super Unhealthy Salads You Should Skip When Going Out To EatPrevention Magazine

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a zillion more times – “Just because it’s a salad, it doesn’t mean it’s the healthiest choice!” Believe it or not, sometimes a sandwich is simply better for you. In the above article tips are provided to help you know what to stay clear of especially if ordering a salad when dining out or ordering in! Your welcome!