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Not For Beginners!

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I have to admit – I love providing advice to others! Some listen (YAY!) and of course there are those that don’t – guess it goes with the territory 🙂 Sometimes my advice is on easy ways to eat better, food shop smarter, get moving, or keep moving! (OK – maybe at times a little makeup, beauty products and clothing suggestions too!) This week, I’m dishing advice on my favorite yoga prop and then commenting on high protein dinners and common ingredients you find on packaged foods.

* Product Pick of the Week: Gaiam Yoga Essentials Block
* Registered Dietitians Reveal The High-Protein Dinners They Eat Regularly
* 5 Ingredients You’d Never Find In an Actual Kitchen

Product Pick of the Week: Gaiam Yoga Essentials Block

Ahhhh, yoga. If you know me, you know I love yoga. I have been practicing for over 15 years and still going strong! But honestly, I have some pet peeves (more of that in my US News blog here). And one of them is that people think yoga props, especially blocks, are for beginners only. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure they can really help a beginner, but it takes a real advanced practitioner to realize they could also be using them at times. For example, when my hamstrings are not cooperating they help to bring the floor closer to me. Also, sometimes a posture just feels better using them (something about triangle and blocks that are magical for me) and shouldn’t that be what yoga is about? Our bodies feeling better, not worse? I have a set of Gaiam Yoga blocks at home – of course for my home practice (Embarrassingly, the few times I actually do it at home), but also if I am going to a class where props might not be available. Always better to be safe, than sorry. Namaste 🙂

Registered Dietitians Reveal The High-Protein Dinners They Eat Regularly 

Protein is one of the most celebrated macronutrients (usually not unfairly demonized like it’s fellow macronutrients, carbs and fat). Nonetheless, protein is a key nutrient as an important for building block for our bodies to carry out many key functions. Plus, it’s key in keeping you satisfied for hours, which is especially great to stave off those post-dinner cravings. So what types of high protein dinners do I, and my fellow nutritionists eat? Check out my interview with Self Magazine for our creative dinner ideas with delicious, varied sources of protein!

5 Ingredients You’d Never Find In an Actual Kitchen

Processed food is a broad category – some of them are perfectly healthy while others are worthy of skipping. While most additives are far from dangerous, how can you tell if the ingredients listed on the package are good, bad or ugly? Check out my interview with Time Magazine for your key to navigating common ingredient list labels. Knowledge is power!