OK, I Don’t Like Pumpkin…But Hello Fall! | Keri Gans New York
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OK, I Don’t Like Pumpkin…But Hello Fall!

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Well folks, it is officially the fall season and everywhere I look there’s a pumpkin something – pumpkin pie, pumpkin latte, pumpkin soup, etc. And guess what? I don’t like pumpkin, at all! Yes, I know how good for me it is; it’s packed with vitamin A and low in calories. But my taste buds are my taste buds. Personally, this time of the year, this gal is all about the apples. Apples are my answer to the important task of taking seasonal inventory on my lifestyle habits, especially because they work for my taste and are nutritious! It’s a small change, with the benefit of being a good source of fiber. SO, as the temperature outside starts to drop, I start enjoying fresh apples and their drinkable cousin, hot apple cider. Anyone else? Happy fall everyone!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • Keri’s Kitchen: Warm and Cozy Spiced Apple Mulled Cider
  • How Much Water is Too Much? We asked 15 Nutritionists
  • Avocado or Nutella Toast? Here’s What Nutritionists Have To Say About Comparing These Two Foods

Photo provided by SPLENDA® Brand

Keri’s Kitchen: Warm and Cozy Spiced Apple Mulled Cider – SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener

I truly love cider at farmer’s markets, but I also like to make my own recipe on occasion. At first, I thought it would be too complicated to make, you know I like things simple, and second, I thought too high in sugar. Luckily, I was wrong on both counts. Thanks to my partner the SPLENDA® Brand, they introduced me to this Spiced Apple Mulled Cider that keeps me warm and cozy. Literally all you need to do is throw a bunch of ingredients into a big stock pot and cook over a low heat for at least 30 minutes. Well, hello! It’s one small step I take (and you can take, too, if you aren’t a pumpkin person) to build healthy habits while welcoming fall.

As I have written before in The Keri Report, the amount of really well done research that supports the safety of sucralose, the no-calorie sweetener in Original SPLENDA® Sweeteners, is staggering (over 20 years of research and 100 safety studies!!). AND guess what…no matter how you slice it or what sensationalized headlines on LCS, including sucralose, you throw my way, my choice continues to be supported by expert organizations around the world! Being able to enjoy beverages we love, without all the extra calories and with reduced sugar, is a win, win in my book!!!

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How Much Water Is Too Much? We Asked 15 NutritionistsThe Daily Meal

I actually find the title of this article a little funny. Too much they ask? I have found quite the opposite dilemma when speaking with clients and looking at my own drinking habits. Not enough is usually the answer. Anyway, as with many things, MORE is NOT better – even plain old water!!! But READ on to find out why you should drink up and probably not overdo it.

Photo provided by Shutterstock.com

Avocado or Nutella Toast? Here’s What Nutritionists Have To Say About Comparing These Two Foods – Buzz Feed

OK, this is one of my all time favorite quotes: Overall, Gans thinks people have become a little too extreme about analyzing food choices. “We basically need to lighten up a little,” she said. Yes indeed!!! For more of my personal opinion on the question raised by BuzzFeed please read this article. You might not be surprised by my answers! OR will you? 🙂


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