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If you ever told me I would be eating out of pink or green plastic bowls – I would have died laughing. All my dishes are white and ceramic! BUT, once I had grandkids – everything changed! Even when they aren’t with me I find myself using their plates and bowls. I guess everyone has a little kid still in them!!!

In this week’s the Keri Report:

  • Keri’s Kitchen: Elbows with Parmigiana Cream
  • Tips to Help Your Spouse or Partner Lose Weight
  • When Is The Best Time To Take Zinc Supplements? Experts Explain

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Keri’s Kitchen: Elbows with Parmigiana Cream

*This post is sponsored by Barilla, all opinions are my own*

As you probably already know – spending a lot of time in the kitchen has never really been my thing. BUT lately, time spent in the kitchen for my grandkids is a whole other story. Like their grandma (or “Ker Ker” as Miss F likes to call me), they love their pasta and whipping up a yummy homemade dish is an easy way to show them I care. It’s what my partner Barilla has known for years!

So – in honor of National Pasta Month – I made elbows with parmigiana cream that I got from Barilla’s website (recipe below). It reminds me also of my own childhood favorite – pasta with butter and cream cheese. I’ve been craving this taste of home and this dish hit the spot, so was excited to share that warmth and comfort with my grandkids.

Of course, I served it up in my grandkid’s favorite bowls and yes, enjoyed some myself, alongside Grandpa. Sharing a meal together is all part of the enjoyment.

Recipe (serves 8)

1 box Barilla® Elbows
3½ cups milk
¾ cup fresh cream
¾ cup Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, grated
2 tablespoons butter
3¾ tablespoons flour
Salt to taste
Sage and White pepper to taste

In a saucepan, melt butter and flour together then add milk and cream; bring to a low boil stirring continuously.
After few minutes turn off the stove and add the cheese and adjust with salt.
In the meantime, cook pasta according to package directions. Drain, reserving at least a cup of the pasta cooking water.
Add pasta to the sauce and mix. If needed add some cooking water to make it creamier.
Garnish with sage and white pepper to taste.

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Tips to Help Your Spouse or Partner Lose WeightU.S. News Eat + Run Blog

When my editor asked me to update an article I had written back in 2012 I was a little surprised. I mean this article does have the “W” word in it! LOL. But I admit, it made me smile! Because the bottom line is people still want (and need) to lose weight and I want those people to be able to get sound advise on how to do it. Also, the truth is you might not be the one in your household seeking help, but rather be the one who needs to be supportive. Hopefully my article, new and revised, will be of service!

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When Is The Best Time To Take Zinc Supplements? Experts ExplainMind, Body, Green

So many supplements that may aid in our immune health are growing in popularity – zinc is one of them. But do you need one? And if so, is there a better time of day to take it. Thanks to Mind, Body, Green for interviewing me for this great story. Read on…


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