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Pizza Anyone?

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Sometimes there is nothing better than a slice of pizza! OK, make that two slices (well, for dinner that is)! Did you know that the average slice of pizza is only 300 calories? In the scheme of things that is not a lot of calories. What happens though for most people is they add high fat toppings (aka pepperoni, sausage, fried eggplant) and cannot stop at two slices. Sound familiar? What I suggest is to always start your pizza meal with a mixed green salad.It will help fill you up, which makes it a lot easier to put the breaks on when you start to reach for slice number three. You could also add lots of veggies to the pie (aka spinach, mushrooms, peppers, artichoke hearts, tomato slices, broccoli) for extra satiety. Probably would of added some to this pie – but hubby likes his sans veggies! Hey, I am all about compromise! 🙂

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • You Ask, I Answer: Should I Try The Keto Diet?
  • 11 Foods Men Should Eat Every Day
  • Surprise, Watermelon Is Much Healthier Than You Thought

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You Ask, I Answer: Should I Try The Keto Diet?

Well no matter how I try and advocate for well-balanced healthy eating, all food fits, small changes, NO fad diets, NO deprivation, etc. – I still get asked should I try ________. Most recently it was “Should I try the Keto Diet? All my friends are seeing success!” (Can you see the steam coming out of my ears?)

My answer is unequivocally NO! There is a big difference between quick weight loss and long-term success. Sure – if you eliminate lots of foods that you are over eating (hello bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc…..) you will lose weight. BUT, can you sustain that? Do you want to predominately eat a diet that consists mostly of high fat foods? Get flu-like symptoms? What about your sanity? Your cholesterol levels?

I wrote about it here (along with other crazy diets):
A Dietitian’s Blunt Take On the 10 Most Googled Diets of 2017
Was Interviewed here:
10 Things To Know Before Starting The Ketogenic Diet
Does The Keto Diet Cause Hair Loss

So Lee, let me know how your friends on this diet are doing one year from now? Guaranteed they will be on to the next fad! 🙂

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11 Foods Men Should Eat Every Day – Eat This, Not That!

Have to admit I don’t love this story headline. Foods for men? Hmmmm, does this mean they are not also good for women? Thing is – every one of the foods in this article would also be beneficial for a woman. And except for the wine, I’d say also good for children! Also not sure that you should eat them EVERY day – BUT definitely should try and include in your overall diet. Bon Appetit!

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Surprise, Watermelon Is Much Healthier Than You ThoughtReal Simple

Funny how certain fruits get a bad wrap! Can’t tell you how many times I heard someone say, “I shouldn’t eat watermelon, it’s too high in sugar!” Really? Don’t all fruits have naturally occurring sugars that also have vitamins and minerals and are actually good for you? But then again what do I know – I’m probably just a biased nutritionist! 🙂