Say Goodbye To Summer Bloating! | Keri Gans New York
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Say Goodbye To Summer Bloating!

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As long as I can remember, I have started my dinner meal with a salad. (Thanks Mom & Dad!) Whether I am dining in or dining out – it doesn’t seem to matter. It’s also one of the first healthy eating tips I provide to my patients and the media. The reason for this is two-fold: 1. The fiber from the salad helps to fill you up, so you may be less likely to overeat your main meal; and 2. ALL the nutrients that a salad provides is priceless. I admit I hardly ever make a salad dressing from scratch but do make sure the ingredients in the bottle I purchase are somewhat close to what I would use if making my own. And lastly, those slivered almonds are my “icing on the cake”!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • The Best Way To Do a Summer Detox, According To Nutritionists
  • What To Eat After Yoga When Your Vinyasa Leaves You Famished
  • 9 Tips To Help Combat Bloating

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The Best Way To Do A Summer Detox, According To

Ahhhhh – DETOX. A word that never seems to go away. I swear I think I’m getting the start of grey hair (or silver highlights as my hairdresser would say!) from the angst this word causes me. BUT, anyway it was so nice to be interviewed by my dear RD friend, Samantha Cassetty, on rebooting your diet (note – not the actual use of the word detox). I think you will be shocked by my recommendation, I know I was!

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What To Eat After Yoga When Your Vinyasa Leaves You

I know I am not alone here! When I leave a yoga class I am starved! Now for many I get it – they practice in the morning and they don’t eat before hand. Personally, that is NOT the case with me. I eat breakfast, go to class, and then want to eat again! I will admit though that sometimes a latte or iced coffee does the trick of holding me over to lunch. Other times I simply eat lunch early! For other ideas read on……

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Can 9 Tips To Help Combat

Now that summer is in full swing I think it is apropos to talk about bloating. Hey, when you’re putting on that bathing suit, bikini or one piece, feeling bloated just sucks! I think this article could be quite helpful in providing some useful tips. Honestly though, not sure I agree with tip number 4. As I have said many times before – NOT all carbs are created equal; pasta, whole wheat bread, brown rice do not need to be diminished from your diet!