Should YOU Be Drinking Celery Juice?

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Confession time: I don’t drink enough water! I know I should – yet I still don’t! Funny how that is, right? We know we should do something good for ourselves and yet, we still don’t! I do think though that the first step for improvement is admitting there is a problem to begin with. So here goes: “I have a problem drinking enough water!” Phew! Next step would be to come up with a least one small solution towards the problem: “I will drink 8 ounces of water before I leave the house in the morning!” Fingers crossed! As that becomes habit, I will add another small solution, etc. OK, it’s YOUR TURN!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • The 10 Most Popular Diets of 2018, According To Google
  • Can Fiber Literally Save Your Life?
  • Surprise: Celery Juice Will Not Cure All Of Your Health Issues

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The 10 Most Popular Diets of 2018, According To GoogleU.S. News Eat + Run Blog

For the last couple of years I have written this piece for U.S. News and each year I continue to be amazed! Much to my chagrin, the diets that are searched for get crazier and crazier, leading me to believe that as a society we remain clueless on health. BUT, since I do like to ‘make lemonade out of lemons’ I will remain hopeful that next year it gets better!

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Can Fiber Literally Save Your Life? – What’s Goo:D

Well literally – NO! I mean a serving of 100% whole grains isn’t going to save you from a gunshot wound to the head – however, adding more fiber to your daily diet is probably a very good idea. This story more or less confirms something we should already know and that a diet rich in high fiber foods may help decrease heart disease, lower cholesterol levels, aid in digestion and prevent certain cancers. SO, if you needed a reminder here it is!

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Surprise: Celery Juice Will Not Cure All Of Your Health Issues – Self Magazine

OK, so I admit, the title of this article is a huge spoiler! But, you probably should of realized by now that ANY food with claims that promises the world should be looked at with skepticism. Hey, I have no idea how this love affair with celery juice began and not sure when it will end. What I do know though is that if you want to enjoy a glass go for it – just try and stay realistic with the outcome.