Should You Detox From Coffee? | Keri Gans New York
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Should You Detox From Coffee?

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You are not seeing double! What you are seeing is “his and her” pasta. Hubby likes chicken, I don’t. I love white beans, hubby doesn’t. You see, as like most couples, we don’t always agree. BUT I have learned over the years to not make life difficult for me, the chef in the family, and figure out a way to make us both happy. Often that means coming up with a dish that can be modified according to our personal tastes. Obviously it does take some common ground – for example in this case we both do love pasta and broccoli (well I love broccoli that is) otherwise it would never work. AND ultimately we also decide how much of it we eat. So for all you couples out there who make excuses about what your other half eats or doesn’t eat as it relates to you – try a new way of thinking :)!

In this week’s the Keri Report:

  • Keri’s Kitchen: Broiled Salmon
  • This 1-Day Healthy Eating Meal Plan Will Help You Get Back on Track
  • Experts Debate: Should You Do a Coffee Detox?

Photo by me

Keri’s Kitchen – Broiled Salmon

So often I hear “I don’t cook fish because I don’t know how.” Trust me, I wouldn’t cook fish if I couldn’t say “Now that was easy!” Here’s the deal:

1. Turn on broiler.
2. Meanwhile lightly brush piece of salmon with olive oil on both sides.
3. Sprinkle coriander, paprika and black pepper on flesh side till covered.
4. Place on broiler pan or foil skin down.
5. Cook for @15 minutes or until “meat” easily separates with fork.
6. Serve with squeeze of lemon on top.

Bon appetit!

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This 1-Day Healthy Eating Meal Plan Will Help You Get Back on Track Shape Magazine

I was originally interviewed for this story in November as a post holiday piece. The theme was “Ate and drank too much?” – here’s what you should do! But the truth is that this article is timeless because it isn’t just over the holidays that we might feel we’ve overindulged. Right? I loved that I was able to provide some realistic tips – NOT a detox – as what might be best for your body to get back on track. Read on my friends!

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Experts Debate: Should You Do a Coffee Detox? My Fitness Blog

Detox, detox, detox…..not sure I can ever escape this word! But forget that for a minute and let’s discuss coffee!! Should you or shouldn’t you limit or even avoid it? To me the answer isn’t so black and white. Do you NEED coffee to function? How much do you actually drink? What do you actually put in your coffee? Find out above what the experts (including me!) suggest.