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Sirtfood Diet, Again??!!

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Just thought I’d take a quick moment here and remind everyone that even though COVID-19 numbers are going down, they are also going up! I know it seems like a lifetime that we’ve been practicing social distancing and wearing masks, etc. BUT this virus is NOT over. I know it’s hard, especially as the weather warms up and we want to visit with our friends and family. But please be smart, be patient, and remember to think of others. We’ve come so far, I would hate to see us back to square one!

In this week’s the Keri Report:

  • 8 Reasons You Should Meal Prep for WFH Lunches
  • 24 High-Fiber Foods That Should Be On Your Plate Every Day, According to Nutritionists
  • What Is The Sirtfood Diet? Registered Dietitians Explain the Plan Behind Adele’s Weight Loss

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8 Reasons You Should Meal Prep for WFH Lunches

If you’re like many people right now you might find yourself snacking more than usual. But that doesn’t mean it has Many of you don’t like to meal prep even on a good day and therefore never have. However, some of you were in this routine long before Covid-19 hit but then let it go out the window when you started working from home. Here’s the thing – we are now living in a new normal and working from home may be here to stay for many more months. IF meal prepping is something that has helped you stay on track with healthy eating before, then there is absolutely no good reason not to continue. SO get to it!!!!

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24 High-Fiber Foods That Should Be on Your Plate Every Day, According to Nutritionists Women’s Health

To clarify: Twenty-four high-fiber foods that you should eat, BUT no need for them to ALL be on your plate everyday! Now that we’ve that cleared up let me just stress how important it is to eat high-fiber foods. The health benefits are endless, such as, may lower cholesterol levels, may help regulate blood sugars, and may help with weight loss. Do yourself a favor and check out the list, especially if you hate Brussels sprouts!

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What Is The Sirtfood Diet? Registered Dietitians Explain The Plan Behind Adele’s Weight Loss –

All right, so yes, I have posted about this diet before! BUT, it’s only because it doesn’t seem to be disappearing. Which means, there are folks out there that still think it has credibility! (Deep sigh!) Please read the above article to get in the know – AND, if so motivated, check out my podcast (Episode 3) on the exact same topic!