The Defense of The Scooped Bagel | Keri Gans New York
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The Defense of The Scooped Bagel

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Does anyone ever feel the need to defend their food choices? Well, we shouldn’t have to!! Recently I had this discussion with someone who said that “scooping” a bagel is disordered eating! I should of just said, “I disagree” and left it at that. But instead, I felt the need to defend my choice. Hey – for me, scooping a bagel means more room for my protein choice (in this case tuna), less mess eating (I also like to eat it open-faced) and again MORE room for veggie toppings. If that’s disordered, well I don’t want to be any other way!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • 10 Healthy and Hassle-Free Family Meals Ideas
  • The Truth About Drinking Collagen Supplements for Better Skin
  • 14 Best Fast Food Breakfasts

Photo by me

10 Healthy and Hassle-Free Family Meal Ideas – U.S. News Eat + Run

If you know me, you know I love to cook, BUT don’t love to spend too much time in the kitchen! And one thing I know for sure, I am not alone. But unfortunately ideas for quick and healthy meals aren’t always at our fingertips! Thanks to my friend Dr. Joan Salge Blake for rounding up great ideas from my colleagues, and yours truly! Bon appetit!

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The Truth About Drinking Collagen Supplements for Better Skin – Allure Magazine

And the love (any hype) for collagen continues! Don’t get me wrong – there is some science to support its use with athletes and healthy joints, BUT everything else, hmmmm? I for one would definitely hop on the band wagon if I knew ONE supplement would make my skin look younger and brighter. Unfortunately though, for now, I will just stick to a healthy diet, sleep and exercise and secretly hope that some of my skin products are doing something for all that money I spend!

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14 Best Fast Food Breakfasts – Silver Sneakers

If I’ve said it once, I will say it a thousand more times. It is possible to make a healthier choice in a fast food restaurant! And guess what, this article I was interviewed for gives you 14 ideas. In my opinion, that is definitely a good beginning; so let’s pass on the excuses for now, OK?


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