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Lately I have cooking burnout! GASP! Hey, it can happen to anyone! SO, I have been ordering in more and more! Trust me, I don’t think this is what we should always do – BUT sometimes it is what is. AND when that is the case we can still make the best of it. For example, above picture is of the pesto linguini I ordered. Important to note: I plated half instead of eating all from the container. I had leftovers. I had a side salad. We can always make better choices! The end.

In this week’s the Keri Report:

  • Popular Foods Proven To Destroy Your Workout!
  • Should You Be Taking an Omega-3 Supplement?
  • What is Mushroom Coffee?

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Popular Foods Proven To Destroy Your WorkoutEatThis, NotThat!

Foods can affect many things we do – especially pre-workout. What’s interesting is that sometimes we mistaken a food that is “good” for us to be good for our workout. Unfortunately, not always the case! Read on to see where you just might be getting it all wrong.

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Should You Be Taking an Omega-3 Supplement?– Byrdie

Whether or not you should take a supplement, mostly comes down to one thing and one thing only! Can you get enough naturally in your diet to reap the benefits of the nutrient? If the answer is YES, then you probably don’t need one. But if the answer is NO, it is definitely worth considering. Omega-3 fatty acids have proven health benefits; ask yourself – are you consuming enough?

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What Is Mushroom Coffee? – U.S. News Eat + Run Blog

Looking for a little less caffeine? Maybe mushroom coffee is for you! Looking for a mushroom taste? Maybe mushroom coffee is not for you! I know SHOCKING – it doesn’t taste like mushrooms. The really big question though is whether or not this cup of Joe comes with a host of health benefits, just like mushrooms and regular coffee? Check out my latest blog post for U.S. News to find out.


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