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Fall is now in full bloom – and everybody is, more or less, back to their regular pre-summer routines! Question is, how’s that going? So many of us treat September as the new January, making all types of big health goals that we may not succeed in. My advice – take a long, deep breath, and focus on making some small lifestyle changes that you CAN succeed in!


In this week’s the Keri Report:

  • How Much Weight Can You Actually Lose in a Week?
  • Do You Actually Need to Take a Beauty Supplement?
  • What Is the Galveston Diet?

How Much Weight Can You Actually Lose in a Week?-  Parade Magazine

Weight loss – the ever hot topic for discussion. Kudos to Parade Magazine for covering this and asking the right questions. We should know by now that weight loss is not black or white – but something complex and individual. Read on…..

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Do You Actually Need to Take a Beauty Supplement?Allure Magazine

To supplement OR not to supplement – that is ALWAYS the question! The key thing to remember is that a supplement is meant to supplement – NOT replace. Food first my friends, and then, the question is: “Do you really need one to meet your needs?”

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What Is the Galveston Diet? – Prevention Magazine

SO once again we have another diet out there making lots of claims with NO research to back it up! OYYY…. Honestly, this diet is NOT dangerous, actually has some really healthy food choices – BUT at the end of day will it help you to lose menopausal weight gain, probably not!


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