What Is The Shamrock Shake? | Keri Gans New York
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What Is The Shamrock Shake?

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Just got back from a trip to Florida visiting my mom and sister. Whenever I travel it reminds me of the many concerns of my patients over the years of private practice, mainly the fear of gaining weight. I would remind them enjoying themselves should be their top priority while traveling, especially if for vacation. However, it did’t need to be an excuse for eating poorly. Sure you might have a couple more cocktails than usual (speaking personally here!) or a little extra dessert here and there, but not all your meals need to be a free-for-all. The picture above is a salad I ordered at one of our usual places that I look forward to each visit. Eating healthy while traveling can definitely be a bonus and not because of the weight per se, but because of how great you’ll feel upon your return!

In this week’s the Keri Report:

  • 6 Genius Ways To Enjoy Chickpeas
  • How Many Calories Are in a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, Anyway?
  • The Best Vegan Cookie Brands To Buy At The Grocery Store

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6 Genius Ways To Enjoy Chickpeas – U.S. News Eat + Run Blog

Move over hummus! As much as I DO love you – there are so many other ways to enjoy chickpeas these days. From roasting them and using as croutons to blending into soups to make them creamier; the options are endless. So even if you don’t love chickpeas I suggest reading the above blog post for some very genius ways to enjoy them.

Photo provided by McDonalds/Today.com

How Many Calories Are in a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, Anyway? Prevention Magazine

More importantly, does it even matter? I mean really – if you want a Shamrock Shake I am not sure the amount of calories in one is going to make the difference on whether you have it or not. The only thing I think we need to be clear on is that a daily Shamrock Shake is probably not in your best interest. So grab ONE, drink up, and then choose something else the next time! Deal?

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The Best Vegan Cookie Brands To Buy at the Grocery Store Eat This, Not That!

Let me start by saying a cookie is still a cookie, vegan or not. In other words, there is probably going to be added sugar and more calories than you may typically desire. BUT, if you are a vegan OR are looking for a cookie that perhaps has a little more fiber and less sugar than usual, this story has you covered! Just remember that serving size still matters!