Why You Gain Weight Back! | Keri Gans New York
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Why You Gain Weight Back!

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Every once in a while I feel the need to make the following statement and yes, it’s for the record! Here goes: “Just because I am a nutritionist – I do not care if you eat red meat, fried foods or drink alcohol. As matter of fact I like to partake in all three as well!” The end. Thank you!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • You Ask: I Answer: “Why is it so hard to keep weight off once it’s lost?”
  • 12 Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks To Order If You’re Trying To Lose Weight
  • Keri’s Kitchen Hack For Fluffier Scrambled Eggs

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You Ask: I Answer: “Why is it so hard to keep weight off once it’s lost?”

Oh Cathy, how you are not alone!!! I often get asked this question! The problem is multi-faceted, but for many it’s possibly because of one or more of the following:

1. Made too many drastic changes to begin with that can’t possibly be kept up long term. For example, gave up bread, pasta, potatoes or alcohol.
2. Got a little cocky because they were doing so well and felt they could test the waters, and then ended up swimming. In other words, “Oh, I’ll just have a bite!” And then the next time they have eaten the entire slice.
3. Didn’t think of their weight loss as a way of life but rather as a diet. But in reality, diets are something we go on and then eventually go off.

I looked through past interviews that I have given on this subject and recommend reading this one:
Dietitians Reveal The Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

I also found this one on-line that I think is a really good read:
Set-Point Theory: The Fat-Loss Secret No One Talks About

Hope this helps!!!

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12 Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks To Order If You’re Trying To Lose Weight Prevention

Usually when asked my number one tip for saving calories while drinking I suggest ordering something that is a little stronger than you are use to. The stronger it is, possibly the less you drink. In other words, I have found that if a cocktail goes down like water, you might drink too many. For example, I have had many patients who love wine and beer and will easily have three a night. Sound familiar? BUT when switching to scotch on the rocks or a martini they only have one. Read on for other tips. Cheers!

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Keri’s Kitchen Hack for Fluffier Scrambled Eggs – Seltzer! –

Now when a family member gives me an idea in the kitchen I don’t always listen. BUT, when my sister announced she had tried something new with scrambled eggs I was ALL ears. I’ve been making scrambled eggs since as long as I can remember. I had my own little blue frying pan that was only big enough for one egg. Typically I used for my dog Noodles. Hey, what can I say – I was a crazy dog person even at the age of eight. Anyway – so my sister tells me how I must try adding seltzer to my eggs when scrambling and I will love how fluffy they come out. And to think, all these years I have been adding milk because that is what I was taught by my mother and I thought the best way to get fluffy eggs. Well, who knew – my mom might not know best here! Gasp! AND Judy was right! Double gasp! You don’t need to use a lot, probably @ 1 TBSP per egg. Let me know what you think!