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Is Cheese Safe To Eat? October 22, 2019Is Cheese Safe To Eat?

Funny how it is only October and yet this past week I have given a lot of interviews on the topic "New Year, New You!" These stories are all scheduled for January issues (yes, there is a long lead-time). What gets me is these stories are the same every year - basically teaching individuals on how to eat better, move and sleep more, and stress less. You would think by now as a society we would know how to do this, right? But NO, we wait till the end of they year only to say next year we will do better!

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Agave Isn’t As Healthy As You Think! October 8, 2019Agave Isn't As Healthy As You Think!

This past Friday I took the day off from work to take my grandchildren to a farm for a hay ride and pumpkin picking! It was actually my 19-month old grandson's class trip. What these types of days help me to remember is that it OK to take time off. Being self-employed and working from home makes it quite hard for me to disconnect from work. It's like it's always right in front of my face and hard to look away. But I need to, we all need to, remind ourselves that 30 years from now we are not going to remember that blog post we did or email we sent, but we WILL remember the look of happiness on our grandchildren's (kids, spouses, friends, etc.) faces!

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Subway’s News Sliders – Hit or Miss? September 24, 2019Subway's News Sliders - Hit or Miss?

Goodbye summer! Hello fall! It is now official. Wish I could say I was excited for all the pumpkin and sweet potato stuff that is on the horizon. BUT no, not my thing, at all. On the other hand, it can be fun to get excited about some seasonal food thing - SO when the temperature drops, hot chocolate anyone? Hot apple cider (with a little bourbon)? More brussels sprouts (I mean who stopped eating them anyway)? Whatever your jam is - HAPPY fall everyone!

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I Say Potato, You Say Potahto! September 10, 2019I Say Potato, You Say Potahto!

Labor Day has come and gone; and just like that another summer is over. I do think we feel it more on the east coast because it reminds us that the cold weather will be here before we know it and that can be rather depressing (At least for me!). So because of this, I've been trying really hard lately to stay present and not go down that foreboding path. I think in general the more we can live in the present, the more we can enjoy what is truly right in front of us. Sure snow will be falling in a couple of months - but guess what?

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Facts Not Fears! August 27, 2019Facts Not Fears!

I recently had the amazing opportunity to visit Monterey, CA on behalf of the Alliance for Food and Farming and Markon Cooperative, for their "Facts Not Fears Tour". This trip consisted of farm tours to see strawberries, romaine lettuce (seen above), iceberg lettuce, celery and artichokes directly in the fields. It never gets old for me seeing how our food is grown and then hearing about the steps that bring it to our table. There are many myths that float around in the produce industry and being able to speak with growers, distributors, scientists and other registered dietitians for two full days around this topic was priceless. I only wish my father was still alive so I could stop whining about weeding and tell him how much I fully appreciated his home garden.

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What’s The Real Deal With Calorie Counting? August 13, 2019What's The Real Deal With Calorie Counting?

Have to admit, avocado toast never gets old! I am beginning to wonder how I lived for so many years of my life without it. It's actually shocking! Ha! Anyway, if I really think about it I have had other LONG food jags in my life and they are usually breakfast or lunch related. For example, before it was avocado toast it was a spinach and feta, egg-white omelet. Anyone else who can relate to food jags?

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Are Smoothies Really Good For You? July 30, 2019Are Smoothies Really Good For You?

Cutting into a perfectly ripe peach NEVER gets old! You know, kinda the same feeling when you cut into a perfectly ripe avocado? You feel like it's your lucky day! Anyway, just want to take this opportunity to remind you how important it is to eat plenty of fruits and veggies daily. The vitamins and minerals they are packed with are beyond important for your optimal health. So please, NO excuses! At this time of year there is certainly plenty of yumminess out there - GO enjoy!

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Best Snacks To Take On The Road July 16, 2019Best Snacks To Take On The Road

PSA: A single bag or container is not necessarily a single portion size. Yep, that's right! Sometimes there can be MORE than one serving in there. I feel this is an important reminder because just recently my hubby, who you would think living with me would know better, was very proud of a purchase of "candy" (or something close to it) that according to him was only 100 calories for the entire bag! Too good to be true? Indeed! If hubby had read the nutrition facts label he would of seen that there were FOUR servings in that small bag.

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Pizza Anyone? June 27, 2019Pizza Anyone?

Sometimes there is nothing better than a slice of pizza! OK, make that two slices (well, for dinner that is)! Did you know that the average slice of pizza is only 300 calories? In the scheme of things that is not a lot of calories. What happens though for most people is they add high fat toppings (aka pepperoni, sausage, fried eggplant) and cannot stop at two slices. Sound familiar?

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Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. June 7, 2019Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

Where does the time go? I know I write about this often - how quickly time passes. Hey, Memorial Day just passed us by. If you are waiting to find the right time to do something (or change something) it isn't magically going to happen. You need to make the time, now! Otherwise, in a heart beat, more time has passed and you are further from your goals. Sad I know, but nonetheless true.

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